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I went to to buy a ticket for a No Doubt show. I decided to buy them early, so I could get good seats. The first time I tried buying them, i was very excited considering I had great seats. I tried to buy this ticket over 7 times, no joke and I kept getting an error. After trying 3 times I decided to call customer service. Customer Service is HORRIBLE, the first time I waited on hold for over 35 minutes, just to have a dropped call, and it was NOT my phone. I called again, it rang but it was never answered (the system wouldn't even answer my call.) I called a third time and waited on hold for 25 minutes and spoke to a representative, and she said that the address did not match the credit card. I decided to call my bank, and my bank said everything was in order and that we did not have any address changes. I called livenation to attempt buying my ticket on the phone (for a 7th time) and another representative said they had the same address change error. I called again and tried, and this time there was an unknown error. I had to wait over a week to try again. It kept giving the the same "address change" error, or the pick and click seats option wouldn't work, or the page just wouldn't load.

I decided to switch things up a bit and change the delivery type. I ended up having to pick "rush mail" and pay $20 for it to work. I decided to call about this issue and all the representative say was "our system crashed and only certain delivery types were working this whole time thank you for working with us today" and hung up on me...all I could think was "wow..great?" I think livenation should be armed up for a lot of tickets being bought on the first week tickets go on sale. I found out about tickets being sold twice forcing people to leave the concert and more tickets than allowed being sold for the lawn section.

I enjoyed the show(in a different section because I tried getting my ticket for an entire week) but i'm never buying from Livenation again!

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      Dec 23, 2009

    yes I have had he same experience but with livenation merchandise they have messed up my order deliberately and did not care to fix the problem they caused!

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