Liv Luv Shop / order #125018 did not include all items ordered and charged

Contact information:

Items included in this shipment dated 2/22/17: lake bum tank, mimosa muscle tank & messy bun and getting stuff done baseball tee

Item ordered, but not included in the shipment though the packaging form and email indicated it was: gym & juice water bottle

I have reached out 4 times now trying to get resolution on the missing water bottle - either send it to me or refund me the cost. I would prefer the water bottle, but I would like some sort of action at this juncture.

First follow-up: 3/1/17 (email)
Second follow-up: 3/2/17 (Facebook IM)
Third follow-up: 3/2/17 (email)
Fourth follow-up: 3/10/17 (Facebook post)

Mar 10, 2017

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