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1 Cincinnati, OH, United States
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Hey did you know if you write something on their Facebook page, they hide it and you need to click on something to view it? Did you ever see a comment section on their website.
Here's what I posted!
Ok, when LC says "Hot & Ready" what do you think?
If you think it is a pizza you can go in and order; that is what I thought!! No Wait for a pizza that is special ordered, and buy one they have made and is ready! Right?

Well you are wrong in your thinking just as I am!! I was kind of in a hurry, so we decided to get a Little Caesars pizza, they're "Hot n' Ready"... Right? Few minutes in and out! Right?? Wrong!! I go in, Wait in line, only a few people in line and about 8/9 waiting. When I am finally waited on, I ask if there are H&R pizzas ready. Yes, she says. So I ordered a H&R pan, we don't carry those anymore...why are the walls plastered with H&R Deep Dish?? Ok, then what H&R pizza do you have ready? What kind do you want? I wanted Deep Dish! I told you we don't make those anymore! So, what kind do you want? What do you have ready? Tell me what you want, and I'll tell you if we have them. Do you have pepperoni? Let me see, Yes we have pepperoni.
So I pay for the pizza, and then she starts helping others. I was the last n line. She is roaming, going in back, coming back out looking at all the orders, checking all the pizza, etc. So, I ask her, I thought you have H&R pizzas? Yes, we do? But I need to fill all these other customers first. WHAT...WAIT A MINUTE!! Why do they have H&R pizzas 🍕 f you still need to wait while they fill special orders!!! So I ask her... Because we need to fill the orders in the order we take them! So I ask, why would you have HnR pizzas then?? Of course no answer!! Over 25 minutes later I got my "Hot n' Ready" pizza!!
So go ahead and ask me...will I order a H&R pizza again??? Do you think I will go back to Little Caesars??? I could have walked into Dominos, Pizza Hut and several others and order a not ready pizza in maybe even less time!
Does anyone know if there is a Little Caesars sucks page? They should be investigated for falsely misleading the customer!

Mar 27, 2017

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