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Little Caesars / Terminated and did not receive LAST PAYCHECK

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I worked for Little Ceasars Franchise @3107 Greene Ave Ste. 222 B Fort Worth, TX [protected] for exactly 13 days as a part time cashier. My very first night working an employee stole over $30 out of drawer and was telling me how to steal money by not ringing up Crazy Bread and Wings and just pocket the money to make exta cash during the two week pay period. I was so shocked that an employee was doing this in front of me my first night of work an she had been a worker their for over 7 months.

My Store Manager also told me that there are ways of stealing money but you just had to be careful and know how to do without getting caught. I noticed there where no cameras in our store so i knew immediately i was not going to stay and work there for long because i knew that the employees and manager were thieves. I worked as cashier for 13 days before i came in one shift and my manger told me i was short $100 in one of my deposit bags she didnt call me early morning to let me know this info. she waited til 5:00 next day to tell me this.She also told me to not worry about the $100 missing because she knew i did not take it because all my other shifts i have been accurate and correct end of every shift, and i told her i did not take any $100 and how was i short if i dropped all my cash from drawer. Something was not right about how she went on about the situation. She took me off schedule and didnt not let me know before all this was told to me. She also said that at first my safe drops were correct and she didn’t know were the $100 WAS coming up missing from. She just kept giving me the run around about the whole situation.

So i call Corporate in Carrollton TX and they were very rude to me and also told me i was terminated. My manager never told me i was terminated and that she would put me back on schedule but instead she fired me. I cannot receive my last check because of investigation which is wrong because in the sate of Texas you cannot withold an last check after six days of termination and its been way over 2weeks since i been fired. Corporate in Carrollton TX will not call me back or give me any answers on my check. Corporate told me i had to do an EXIT interview to get last check but will not respond to my messsages or calls. I am really hurt about the whole situation because how i was treated and falsely accused of taking $100 from drops. I ve never stolen anything in my life and i worked in customer service for almost 15 years and has never been short on any cash drawer ive worked on. I was a new worker at a new job and feel like i was taken advantage of because of NO CAMERAS in WORKPLACE.

I feel like my manager accused me of taking $100 from the drops but kept telling me i was fine and she knew i didn’t take anything. She is the KEY HOLDER to the SAFE DEPOSIT BOX and has ALL ACCESS to the SAFE and could have EASILY TAKEN that $100 out of one of my drops that very next morning and could have tampered with my paperwork to make me look $100 short before anyone came in. She also DID NOT call me that very morning after and give me NONE of this info regarding shortages like any other PROFESSIONAL MANAGER would have did a procedure to let the employee know all shortages that was made . She did NONE OF THE ABOVE. I feel that she TOOK the money and was trying to get me the NEW GIRL to pay it back to cover her butt before her bosses get all on her for her. I DID NOT TAKE ANY $100 and will not pay $100 that i DID NOT take. NO CAMERAS (my word against their word) NO PROOF of what goes on in that store and i know for a fact employees take money from drawers as a EYE WITNESS. I Will FIGHT this until i get some answers and my LAST PAYCHECK because I AM NO THIEF.

Every worker that works at that location is age 16-21 NONE have FOOD HANDLERS CARD, the store is very DIRTY NASTY workplace, old pizzas all stacked up on floor were the public can see So GROSS, the workers DO NOT use gloves or WASH HANDS throughout shift NASTY. I will never eat there because this is what i witnessed as working there. NO CAMERAS NO GLOVES NO HAND WASHING these teenagers and young adults are FREE to do whatever at this location. SMOKE WEED/CIGARETTES during non busy shifts out back NO CAMERAS.

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  • Ba
      3rd of Dec, 2012
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    that seems to be going on alot all over the company to be honest. in my store i was working the gm was texting everyone and having any convo they wanted. one day a employee texted me and i responded why u texting me so late in the night her answer i was bored... and other was talking about drinking in a parking lot after hrs and where to go. but i got fired because i responded to a text but also for a comment i made about drinking., how is this fair when employees date managers and soon as something they dont like they all gang up on one person to get rid of that person. this company is a very shady shady place to work i will never never let any of my friend family or others who thinking about ownen a little caeser go there cause its a scam. u play by there rules do what they say yall be fine soon as u go out side there rules ur fired for no reason

  • Pj
      27th of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes

    I too worked at one in Ohio, no gloves... That made me ill but what I thought was worse was at the end if the night, instead if giving employees, or anyone for that matter, the left over bread or pizza, they would open the pizza box and toss the pizza in the dumpster, the saved the box to reuse it!

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