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Nichol roberts
C/o capital oxygen [lincare]
7461 henry clay blvd
Liverpool, ny 13088

Dear ms. Roberts
1 december 2016

Today is 1 december 2016, on 2 november 2016 i faxed your off ice attempting to order some cpap supplies. I have been a customer of your organization for the past 13 years [ acct. # [protected] ]. I am still waiting to resolve the problem.

As of today i still do not have those supplies. It has taken one full month to get some simple head gear and tubes. My existing equipment is still in use because i have had to patch it with electrical tape for over thirty days. This is not the only time i have had this problem ( 9 february 2016 was the last time )

If this was an emergency and i needed this equipment for a serious medical condition i could have died waiting for you to get the necessary equipment. I find it unbelievable that it has taken this long to resolve.

As a manager of a health care facility i would think you would be appalled at the service you are providing. I recommend you look into your procedures and practices and make appropriate correction to your building model.

Fyi chronology
Initial fax requesting supplies sent 2 november 2016
Made follow up call 7 november 2016 4: 37 pm
Made follow up call 8 november 2016 left message 12: 15 pm
Made follow up call 8 november 2016 1:19 pm
Received follow up call 10 november 2016
Went to office and signed papers 14 november 2016 ( same papers i have signed 4 times previously. )
Sent fax 19 november 2016
Received blue cross letter 21 november 2016
Received call 21 or 22 november stating the situation has been resolved.
Received call from your fla. Operation to see if i needed anything and would like to make an order. (???)
He said he would contact you, to call me directly … and gave me your name after i told him what i thought of the problem i was experiencing.

I will be awaiting your review and solution of my problem. Please contact me directly at my home tele @ [protected] or cell @ [protected]

Louis pellegrino

Enc copy of faxes

Dec 03, 2016

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