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When I walked in and requested to put my LT membership on hold, I was asked to write a letter to that effect, and because I had requested 1 day after being billed for that month, I was told that I would be billed 1 more month. Grudgingly, I agreed. Now, it's been 2 months beyond the 2nd month, and I just saw my CC being billed again. When the 1st wrong billing occurred, I called the LT branch and spoke to a "JEFF", and was asked, DO U HAVE A COPY OF THE LETTER THAT YOU GAVE TO OUR REPRESENTATIVE. Really guys? I asked to speak to his Supervisor and he said he will have a Manager call me back. And that was the last I heard from them. I am going to fight them tooth and nail. And their corporate it going to hear from me. And the Media in Atlanta, including Clark Howard show is going to hear from me. And [redacted].com is going to get a new entry. And every forum, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (and every website that has any references to the scamming habits of LifeTime) will hear about this on a weekly basis till LT pays me back every cent they have stolen from me. AND, the day I find the copy of the letter I have somewhere, I will sue them if they do not stop this nonsense and pay me back immediately.

Apr 02, 2013
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  • Gy
      Apr 02, 2013


    I am sorry to hear about your experience with SATAN, I mean, Lifetime Fitness.


    You need to go in, in person, and tell them you are cancelling. Get a document stating your membership is cancelled! Otherwise they will play dumb and ignore your calls and lose your letters, ultimately charging your credit card every month...

    These are the same guys who employ a convicted felon at their Dublin, Ohio location. A trainer named John Shonkwiler is a convicted felon for evading nearly $700, 000 in back taxes via mortgage fraud. Guess what? Lifetime Fitness management does not care and still currently employ him!

    Do you think they care about you? You think they care about your complaints?
    The answers are no and no!

    Take action!
    Contact your friends!
    Start a website to share their injustices, blog, write emails, contact the BBB, contact your state attorney general.
    GET YOUR MONEY BACK. It is yours and they stole it!

    Good luck!

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  • Ra
      Apr 03, 2013

    You gave one of these fitness centers your credit card number. Never do that. They are almost all shysters who will milk that account - often, until you close the account or the card expires. They have all kinds of ways around any steps you take to end your membership. You didn't send a certified letter? Even that sometimes doesn't accomplish anything. Never ever give an account number to these fitness clubs. Tell 'em you only do cash. They'll probably refuse to give you a membership. But so what. at least you won't get robbed continuously, no matter what you do..

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