Liberty Tax / wasnt informed of other charges

Staten Island, NY, United States

I being a college student went to a profeesional tax company liberty tax in staten islan on victory blvd they neglected to inform me of the charge from the bank that issued my refund and when I saw a deposit in my account had no idea where it came from. When I finally figured it out I spoke to a manager at liberty and said his employees are well trained and they absolutly did inform me of this added charge. Which by the way I was not informed because if I was I would have opted to get it threw a bank that didnt take out this fee. I was appalled and out right called a liar no way to do bussiness so anyone reading this I would not recommend this tax service unless you would like to get ripped off threw a bank which liberty most likly makes money threw by feeding them your tax returns check it out yourself at jtc financial llc

Mar 21, 2013

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