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Liberty Mutual / workers comp

1 Reno, NV, United States Review updated:

This is DAVID GOODLOE a man that has been a carpenter for 30 years and Foreman for 26 of those years.I made 60 to 70 thousand annually till now.I got injured on a job that Liberty Mutual carried the insurance.After a year and 4 months of surgery's and rehab they decided that I can no longer be a carpenter and I must go back to school and learn something else .My job limitations are one that I can't stand or walk for more than one and a half hours, nor can I sit for more than that<br />
same amount of time.I can't lift more than 25 pounds in repetition, and I am having sharp cramps in my foot at night so I can't sleep, basically I just can't do any of the things that we all take for granted.Liberty Mutual has offered me 17.000 to call off the rest of my life as I knew it and walk away and leave this matter alone.During the time that I was off from this injury my bills kept coming in and I ran up all my credit cards to the amount of 20.000 .I am going to loose my house file for bankrupt and never have anything again for the rest of my life all because Liberty Mutual said that when I first went to the emergency room I filled out the form wrong.The best part of this is I didn't fill it out, someone filled it out for me because I was out cold on drugs.When I do come around enough to be able to read a little and kinda understand they said quote "sorry it's to late you missed the deadline "to change the form and now I am stuck with all these bills and no home that I had for twenty years.This is the worst thing that anyone could go through do to the greed of Liberty Mutual insurance that is making record profits .I strongly suggest to everyone that reads this to call there elected officials and lets get the Insurance industry under control .They raise your rates then for no reason they drop you after you pay them.I looked up to see how they rank in industry and sure enough they are on the list of top ten worst insurance companies in the industry.the article states delay tactics are one of the tools they use to deny can find out who the rest of these crooks are on American Association Justiceformally Association of Trial Lawyers of America.

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  • Kk
      17th of Apr, 2010
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    I was on long term disability from me previous employer for several years. During this disability my case was reviewed and approved by social security and several different insurance companies. When my former company switched their disability coverage to Liberty Mutual I immediately began to be barraged with request, consultations and exams. Within months of them assuming my coverage they said I was no longer disabled and should be working. The doctors they had me see are no more than quacks hired by the company to deny claims. Liberty Mutual are experts in using the system to their advantage. No matter what my doctors said they denied the claim. Once denied you can appeal but it is a legal procedure that will cost thousands, which they know.

  • Dg
      13th of Jan, 2014
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    Liberty Mutual is the worse insurance, I to have been denied by this insurance for a on the job injury. And I need surgery. I have appealed with the workers injury board, but the last doctor they sent me too has really hurt my case. Not sure what to do, but our laws need to be changed for the people that work hard to keep this Nation Running.

  • So
      12th of May, 2016
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    I was hurt recently at Sherwin Williams and now having to deal with Liberty Mutual. I think I may heed the call and hire a lawyer before this gets out of hand. I was hurt on March 11th and as of today May 12th I have received $387. My rent is $500 a month. I am about to lose everything due to their Bureaucracy. It is criminal to say the least. It is causing me so much stress, anxiety and worry. They wont return my calls and are just giving me the run around.

  • Wh
      14th of Jun, 2018
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    I have a settled workmans comp claim with open medical. I have bilateral artificial hips that have been replaced a number of times. I recently had to have one replaced again. I am over 50 so I have to have a pre-opt physical before any surgery can be done. They found a right branch bundle blockage and sent me to see a cardiologist. He examined me and signed off to have surgery. Karen Troxell, the claims rep that was assigned to me, says that this is not covered and won't pay the bill. Without getting the ok for the pre-opt physical I couldn't have surgery. I was referred to the cardiologist for his consent because the urgent care facility was not capable of approving me for surgery. Now, I understand that any treatment that was needed would be covered by me. No such treatment was needed just his approval. This was just a general practitioner sending me to a specialist for approval. I contacted my attorney and he stated that has to be covered according to the settlement. Troxell is still denying payment. She was suppose to have ordered a walker and commode for me prior to having surgery. Never received anything. I purchased it on my own now she won't reimburse me. She was suppose to set up physical therapy when I was released from the hospital, took her a week and a half before someone contacted me. I stayed at my daughters house because I wasn't able to take care of myself. However, her mother in law, who works as a care giver took care of me. I submitted a bill for her care and Troxell said family isn't compensated. She is not my family, she is entitled to get paid for her work. Troxell also stated that if she was aware I needed that assistance she would have contacted someone. Well, if we were to have waited on her, I never would have received any assistance. I have a call into her supervisor, which I had to leave on voice mail, to return my call. This is not right.

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