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Short Term Disability Denied

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Liberty Mutual
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I recently was denied a short term disability even after having two letters from 2 different doctors advising me that I am unable to go to work til I am better. I am suffering from sever anxiety and depression, possibley bipolar. Liberty Mutual denied me the first time stating that they did not get enough info from the doctors( that was their issue they are to gather the records the first time. So the second time I had to spend time gathering doctors records and spent my money making copys and mailed them all out to only be denied for a 2nd time. Anyone like me who suffers from anxiety and depression know how hard it is to just deal with small tasks. So I just dont understand how 2 doctors tell me that I can not be at work til I am better and one liberty mutual agent that thinks he is smarter then them. Beware of this company.
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D  13th of Aug, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Come on Pilot.Get in the real world.Find out what is covered?What is paid for?Is she suppose to go through every possible illness and procedure?There are hundreds.I have bipolar, depression, anxiety & panic disorder.Not to mention cancer.Believe me barley75, if a person has never had these or other mental issues they will never understand how horrible it can be.These issues should be covered, but like pilot alluded to .Most are not.Or there is an outrageous co-pay.Poor mental health will cause a strain on your physical health.Such as any or all of the following:high blood pressure, poor diet, lack of sleep or too much sleep.Lack of exercise.The feeling of exhaustion, mental & physical.You find you can't even walk across the street to the post office.Or over to the mini-mart THAT I LIVE NEXT DOOR TO.Why? Because, on a bad day, I will either have a little anxiety about going out into what most people don't even seem to be bothered by.The real world.Or, as I mentioned, some days it is impossible for me to awaken.No, I am not lazy.I worked since I was 16.The last 20 were at an auto parts supplier.I just turned 54.I can't write all the aspects of all the daily battles faced by the people who have a mental issue.Not enough space.But it is an issue that badly needs re-examined.One last thing.I have been told that I am very "aware" of mental/physical issues and how to diagnose certain traits of fellow patients (have been in pyche ward 3 times) and 2 cancer surgeries.2 0f my 3 regular doctors both told me I seem to have a talent (just in certain areas) and could probably beat out some of the doctor assisstants currently working.So if I could be of any help to anyone who needs to talk to someone who's been there, I would be happy to try.I don't have all the answers but i know that feeling when you can't catch your breath, your hearts a-pounding, there is a rock in your stomach, your chest starts to ache.You are sure something terrible is about to happen, something very terrible.So your mind is racing, you have no attention span.You wish you were dead.
A  10th of Sep, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I have DI through Liberty Mutual and my policy has no such exclusion. When I read Barley's post, I thought for a minute, "did I post that but can't remember?" I am fortuante in that I am much improved and I have been back at work since the end of last April. However, I am still fighting Liberty for the period that I was out. First they said I didn't provide enough information and denied my claim. I appealed and they denied again stating that I had not demonstrated that I was unable to perform the basic functions of my job. I am currently in the final appeal level. To give you an idea of their "professionalism, " when I requested copies of my file, I received nine pages of confidential medical data about other claimants and was missing several pages of my medical notes. And Stealth, I am glad your husband has recovered and you should count yourself fortunate that you have never been through a severe depression or had severe anxiety attacks. I never had either and would have laughed at you if you told me that I was going to a year ago. While we all acknowledge that we should read every word of every document before we sign it, often we find ourselves trusting the employer or sales agent. We assume that if we have insurance and we have a genuine situation where we need to use our insurance, that it will be there for us. Unfortunately, that is not a safe assumption. Good luck Stealth and consider hiring a good disability lawyer if you haven't already done so.
A  10th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
Sorry, checked the wrong box :-
A  25th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
I too have been dealing with Liberty through my employer Wells Fargo. My problem started when my counselor sent in RAW (confidential) session notes from my first session where I was spouting off against Wells and wanting to get back at them for their stress and stating I wasn't going to go back! (I did 1/3/11) I have had my Counselor, my Primary Care Doctor and an Psychiatrist all send documentation to Liberty in regards to my severe depression and general anxiety disorder. I attempted suicide and Liberty played it off that I had made suicide contracts with my Doctors and have no active plan on harming myself! However I was rushed to ER while on leave for taking too many pills... They did not even acknowledge that in their 2nd denial. I have no idea what to do with my final. I have been on STD before thru Wells a few years ago for same issues but then they used Met-life and it was a piece of cake! I know if at least 4 others getting or trying to get STD benefits for similar stress issues and I live in a town of about 30 WFB employees and that is just what I know of, that is 16-17%! Maybe that is why Liberty is denying IDK. But what mess, no pay in 3 months! Anyone have any thoughts on what I should submit on my final review that will help? Thx and good luck to all!
A  28th of May, 2011 by    -1 Votes
I have a Liberty Life Assurance STD/LTD policy through my employer. I filed for STD for 4 weeks and was recently advised it was denied. Seems like the same scenario as many others. I was advised they did not receive sufficient information to approve my claim. They were provided the Certification of Health Care Provider form from two doctors, and the medical records from the first doctor. The Liberty Life Assurance representative stated they had not received medical records from the second doctor. Liberty would not accept the information from the first doctor because I had not had an appointment within the last 30 days. I asked why I had given an Authorization to Obtain and Release Information to Liberty Life Assurance and to both doctors if it was not to allow Liberty to request information. I asked if the medical records were requested. The representative just repeated that my claim was denied because the doctor had not sent information. I don't believe the doctor sends information unless it is requested, and obviously Liberty did not do their part. The whole process was a complete mess. I was never able to reach my claim manager by phone, and was advised she was unable to respond via email. She and her manager were out of the office frequently, and I was given incorrect information on a couple of occasions. My doctor had to fax the Certification of Health Care Provider form three times in order for Liberty to receive it. I had to call and email the doctor every day for a week to get the form faxed the 3rd time. I advised him it was the only item pending for Liberty to complete my claim. I received an email from a Liberty representative stating that once the form was received my claim would be approved. I ended up mailing it and emailing to Liberty as well, just to get a response from Liberty. I have asked Liberty to send me the official STD policy and requirements for the appeal process. The representative would not advise me over the phone. I was so upset that my claim was denied, that I resigned from my company the same day. Probably not the smartest thing, because now I have no insurance. I am sure the appeal process will be another ridiculous mess, and I doubt my claim will be approved, but I have to try. You have to spend so much time and energy dealing with the process, it just causes additional stress when you are already out on a disability.
A  13th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
The same thing happened to me, I was denied three times for over twos years. Depending on what state you're in and how much you're owed for the Short term disability you may not even need an attorney. You can file a claim against them yourself in small claims court, that's what I doing now.

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