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I can't find the paperwork right now to give you the details but they do have a website easily available on Google. They mostly do diabetic supplies and advertise on TV.

I lost my meter and poker and wrote to them ages ago. It took awhile and all they said is that someone would contact me. No one contacted me. I have no way to test my blood now and I'm diabetic. These rats don't care about my health..they just want medicare money and they will continue to collect even if I don't have a meter to save my life.

What can I do? They are ignoring me.

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  • Ki
      5th of Apr, 2010

    Well of course they want Medicares money, they are a business. I hate how people bash businesses for wanting to collect money from you. Do you really think life is free? Be for real here. They didn't contact you? I find that hard to believe. I am a current customer with Liberty Med adn they NEVER stop calling me. Don't blame them for "not having a meter to save your life" SAVE YOUR OWN LIFE pick up a phone and call them. You can go online to complain so go on and find a number. Better yet watch TV for an hour I'm sure a commercial will show up.

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  • Fd
      13th of Sep, 2010

    i believe you when you say they are ignoring you. they have bad business practices and have an F rating with the better business bureau. i have been back and forth with them for 2 months and have filed a complaint. they have yet to credit my insurance for billing them for the wrong supplies!!!

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  • In
      2nd of Feb, 2011

    What I don't understand is they want me to get a C-peptide test in order to prove that I have diabetes I guess. I asked they why, and they said it was so that medicare would cover my insulin pump costs, I already told them I don't have medicare, I have BCBS. They then said it was still their policy and that I would have to get this blood test in order for them even to ship me the supplies, so it had nothing to do with my health insurance, just their policy. I guess they're afraid that I'm just saying I have diabetes?? The ironic thing is a C-peptide is mainly performed when you're first diagnosed and mainly on type 2's, well I have type I have type 1, but the CSR didn't understand the difference. A C-peptide is also a fasting blood test (the CSR also didn't know what that meant) so it's pretty ironic that they would make a type 1 diabetic take it. I just don't see why they make you jump through hoops just to 'prove' to you that you have diabetes, I guess a Rx from my endocrinologist is not enough. Why they would make it more difficult for you to order supplies from them is beyond me (again it didn't have to do with the health insurance, it just had to do with 'their policy'). That's fine, I'll just get my supplies from somewhere else, pay my co-pay and have my insurance pay somewhere else. I recommend if you need medical supplies and have a choice on where to get them, DO NOT choose liberty medical.

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  • Me
      23rd of Mar, 2011

    As a former Employee of Liberty I can tell you that if you lost your meter all you have to do is call them and explain you lost your meter and any of the Representatives would be more than happy to rush a replacement to you. Of course Liberty just as any business wants to get paid. In reference to the comment about the Insulin pump it was a standard rule for certain patients to have to complete either a log sheet and/or certain tests because certain insurances did require it if you were using an insulin pumps and it is to cover you as much as it is to cover the company because if the insurance company asks Liberty to provide copy of the test to reimburse the cost of the pump and Liberty doesn't have it then the bill gets dropped to you and trust me, you do not want to to have that bill dropped on you.

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  • Ro
      15th of Aug, 2018
    Liberty Medical / Liberty Medical Supply - Diabetic testing supplies
    United States

    Liberty was giving me regular renewals since 2008, and just stopped my supplies. I now need to find a new supplier. No explanation given as to why they stopped sending supplies

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