LG LG870 (Optimus F7) / warranty repair or replacement

Louisville, United States

I have an LG Optimus F7 (LG870) that I bought from the Boost Mobile website that has never had a working GPS since I got it in July 2013. I have been through LG's crappy customer service twice now. Each time they have me send it to their repair depot in Texas, they reboot the software, and send back the same non-working phone! No matter how many times I plead, get on my knees begging, crying on the phone, to please help me. Honor my warranty and replace my phone - even with a refurbished one that works, they won't do it! The just say I have to send it back to the repair depot and they determine what needs to be done. Bull CRAP! They just keep rebooting the software and sending it back, totally disregarding that the hardware is faulty and must be replaced. I need my phone replaced. Does anyone know anyone in LG that will actually help?

Boost will not honor their sale, by the way, because they use a 3rd-party to fulfill their orders and told me to pound sand when I asked for their help.

Feb 22, 2014

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