LG / lg tv service

I have several LG products & have always been satisfied.I purchased a 49" smart tv, from day 1 it had a pink tint. I bought it at Best Buy & also bought the Geek Squad protection. Since it was only 1 month olds when I called I had to use the LG service. When the serviceman (Dexter) arrived he was rude & in a hurry. He stood & pushed buttons on his control so fast I wasn't able to see if he was changing anything. He took 3 personal calls in the short time he was here. He was annoyed & when I asked him to slow down he got nasty & raised his voice. I had to tell him to leave. Thank goodness when I called the Geek Squad they agreed to come out & look at the tv. If it can't be fixed I will return it & after the service call from LG I will no longer buy LG products.

Nov 15, 2017

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