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Two years ago I went through a house fire and had to replace all kitchen appliances. I was hooked on my favorite being Fridgadeer but my wife and her mother were in love with the LG products so as you know I ended up with the LG products keeping the mothers happy.Well I over spent on your products thinking upgrading with what we thought were better products would at least save in headache's and maintnance. Well I have had problems with my stove already with the right side of the keypad acting up and not working for weeks at a time and my dishwasher has already stopped working completely. Whem I called the 1-800 number to see what my option's were I found out I had just gone over the 2 year factory warrentee. The man on the phone laughed at me and said looks like you should have bought nthe extended warrentee. In closing at this point in my life I will never again even think about buying another LG product and will spread the word to everyone I can about the poor service and products. I would also suggest changing the name of your company to LB (Lifes Bad) Thankyou for reading my message.


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