Levi Strauss & Co. / customer service awful &, condescending after their mistake.

Ordered sale items on website 7/4/18, got confirmation email. Checked order status online, says processing, on 7/16 still says processing, so I l do online chat to make sure everything is ok. Advised order cancelled, and to call 1800# to replace at sale price, which was 14.99 a pair for silvertab baggy jeans, a crazy good price. I did not cancel the order, nor did I get a email confirmation about order being cancelled, plus when I put the order # [protected] on Levi's website it still said processing. Call [protected] & spoke to Vicky on7/16/18 & she said the sizes I ordered were sold out but to call back in a couple weeks when they have more in stock & they would honor the prices. I also tried to get available sizes, but was advised I could only get the same sizes I ordered for that price, and she threw in I should have ordered sooner, and had to point out, again, i did order sooner, the first day of the sale! I asked at least 3 times if they were discontinuing the silver tabs because they have before, and she assured me they weren't. Bear in mind this is after she gave me the run around for about 20 minutes, saying I cancelled the order, which I didn't, then she said I put in the wrong billing address, that's why it cancelled, which I didn't, as I told her, because Levi's put a hold on my credit card for the money. She had a couple more lame excuse to not help, but finally said she put in a note to honor price when I call back & case # [protected]. So I call back today and agent, did not catch her name, said these jeans are all sold out & discontinued and are NOT coming back in stock. So I ask if I can get the carpenter jeans, which are basically some style with different name, for the same price and she says no, but also throws in that I should have called sooner when they had more sizes available & I could have switched sizes for that price. At which time I relay what happened when I called on 7/16, so I ask if I can talk to a supervisor. She put me on hold for at least 8 minutes, sup. brook novack finally gets on the phone. She plays dumb at first and make me run through the whole thing, again, just to say no. So won't honor the price on the carpenter jeans, or offer any solution other than 30% off the carpenter jeans, 30% off 68 bucks isn't even close to 14.99 a pair. If that wasn't bad enough she had a bad attitude from the get go, and by now I'm losing my patience, so I ask for the corporate #, which she refuses to give me. She is being rude & condensending the entire time so finally I say, I hope they are recording this conversation because you are being very rude & unhelpful. She got defensive and snapped at me, so you want them to call you or not, then made another exasperated sound. well by now I am hot! So I say, i need to talk to someone who can help me, who can help. She gets even more attitude, raising her voice & i got so frustrated I hung up on her, which I have never done before, to anyone, that should let you know how bad it was!! First off Levi's made the mistake cancelling my order & not even notifying me. Then when I finally figure out what's going on, no thanks to Levi's, I get the run around. Every customer service representative, and supervisor brook, for Levi's first tried to shift the fault to me, then when i had to point out their mistake I got nothing but bad attitude and the run around. I have never even witnessed such shamefully horrible customer service in my life, much less been on the receiving end of it. Levi's must train their representatives to be condensending and try to put blame for their mistake on the customer. The official Levi's training hand book probably says how to treat customers like dumb low lifes, and get away with it!! If they would have just told me on 7/16 I was s.o.l. and had no chance in hell of getting those jeans at that price I wouldn't have wasted all this time, energy and sanity because brook was truly THAT BAD!! Instead of working with me and doing the right thing I got the run around and raised blood pressure because no one likes to be treated like crap, especially when you are the customer, who was wronged on top of it all. My husband, friends and family are all ready to never buy Levi's again, it took a lot to chase away such loyal customers, but Brook novack crossed the line. Hope that 50 bucks Levi's saved going back on their word was worth the loyal customers and money they have lost. Not to mention all the brutally honest posts we are already putting out there, we are a vocal group of people who don't like being treated deplorably. What a disgraceful display of capitalism at it's worst by Levi's today. Deplorable lack of customer service or even a concious, again for their mistake, not mine!! And no, there was no apology from Levi's for incorrectly cancelling the order in the first place, not that I was expecting one after all that drama and such. If they would have just done the right thing at any point I wouldn't be writing this, but alas customer service is dead & Levi's doesn't honor their sale prices, word or any thing else worth a damn.

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