Les Schwab Tire Centers / poor service

United States

My wife had a flat tire on her 2002 Taurus, she had tripple AAA change it.

The person that looked at them said that all 4 tires needed to be replaced

because they were rotten.

She took it to Les Schwab and had them put 4 new ones on the car.

It was raining when it was done, and when I opened the trunk a few days later it had a considerable amount of water in it and was stating to smell musty.

The problem I have is the spare tire was just thrown in and not put away.

Also there was a sign out front that advertised FREE BEEF, I was never offered free beef.( I'm not going to go hungry without it, its the principle)

I have dealt with Les Schwab since the 60's but no more.

The store is located on Regal St. in Spokane Washington.


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