Leon's Furnitureunprofessional, unclear, uneducated staff

Ju Dec 02, 2018 Toronto, ON

We purchased a washer and dryer on November 22nd. First off, the employee that was helping us we extremely uneducated on the appliances that we were looking for, and extremely unprofessional. He left us on numerous occasions to go talk to customers that I'm assuming were friends or family. He first told us that it was price match guarantee PLUS the 5% that they were offering that day. So once i told him that we had found them cheaper at The Brick, he quickly told us that we could only do either price match or the 5%, which doesn't meet what he told us at all. Then, we were asking questions about the washer as there was only a cold pipe at the back, and not a hot pipe. He had NO CLUE, what we were asking him, and then proceeded to go ask the manager. The manager also had NO CLUE why this was. All i had to do was go online and search the description of the product and it was quick to tell me why there was only one pipe. So clearly he and the manager are uneducated. We got them delivered on Friday November 30th. We no longer need the washer and the drier as we are no longer doing 2 laundry rooms in our house, only 1. We went today, Sunday December 2nd to return the washer and drier. We were told that all appliances are FINAL SALE.. which we were not informed about at all! Our receipt does NOT state whatsoever that the products were final sale. In past experiences when buying things that are final sale, we are notified and a big red stamp that says "FINAL SALE" is usually put on the receipt. The employee at Leons, DID NOT once inform us that the products were final sale. We had no idea, and now are left having to pay a restocking fee of 25%, which was also NEVER stated to us. The Customer Service at the Jane location, in North York, Toronto, was NOT helpful at all. Every employee that we have dealt with thus far at Leons, has no idea what is going on, or what their talking about at all. I can guarantee you, that we will NEVER EVER, purchase anything from Leons ever again, and will also make it very clear to everyone what Leons is all about. They don't even deserve the one star that i am forced to give.

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