Leon'sfalse advertising...5 year deal no payments or interest.


I ordered a couch set and Stove on the Final day of the deal.
August 23, 2016 was the day.
I called and talked to a customer service representative to veryify the deal; before I even ordered the items.
I was assured that was the deal.

I received the items and the couch, chair set were covered in blue specks from the blankets. The items were covered after they were sprayed with a protectant; which damaged the items.

I then had to wait an ADDITIONAL 2 weeks for replacement items.
Leon's was not very friendly about any of this.
I want the $800 paid by Leon's for the trouble I received.

I have been receiving THREATENING phone calls from Leon's Desjardins credit card; about late payments.
I don't owe any payments for 5 years; so why am I getting these calls.
I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED in this company and will NEVER deal with Leon's or the Brick again.

I am also going to file a complaint with the better business bureau about the False Advertising and FRAUD that Leon's has committed.

I have made numerous phone calls to Leon's head office.
Nobody answers the phone there or returns any of my calls.

Desjardins is threatening to put me in the Credit bureau Now because of you.

I am extremely ticked off and want this dealt with Today!!!

I will be telling everyone about the bad service I have received from this Company.

I am the daughter of the credit card holder and was still living with my parents; when this happened.
I had my father and mother's permission for the sale; and they were also present.
I showed my parents the deal that was offered; and my mother saw the same deal advertised on television.

The credit card holders are Roy and Joan Quehe.
The purchase was Jennifer Quehe.

I expect you to contact Desjardins and fix this HUGE issue; cause if my father's credit is affected I will be hiring a lawyer to Sue for FRAUD!!!

The order or confirmation number was [protected]


Jennifer Quehe

Jan 11, 2017

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