LensCraftersvery bad customer service

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Lens Crappers has very bad customer service!

This is the Oceanside store in California. The staff did not call my husband to tell him that when his glasses came in, they were defected and had to be sent out again. It took 3 weeks to get his glasses. There is bad communication between the so called "staff".

The "manager" named Karla said she would credit my husband’s credit card $50.00 for the inconvenience, but when he went to pick up his glasses she was already gone for the day and did not leave any note of any kind with my husband’s glasses so that the then "manager" Sherry would not credit my Husbands credit card. Sherry said Karla did not tell her anything about the situation and would credit his credit card.

We will never go to Lens Crappers again.

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  • Ms
      Oct 31, 2008

    NEVER, NEVER, NEVER have I had such problems with glasses. I should have known better. I need invisible progressives. I ordered them with the special coating --I've had many pairs of glasses with the coating on them and never had a problem. Two months after wearing them I noticed pitting or bubbling on one of the lenses. They replaced them. Tried to get me to leave my glasses with them. I don't have $400 to throw around on spare glasses. They tried to get me to purchase their 50% off lenses. Right, like I might make another purchase at Lenscrafters. Now, we're 6 months down the road and the same thing happened again. The manager tried to pin it on me -- must be the way I clean them or care for them. THEN WHY DIDN'T IT HAPPEN TO THE OTHER LENS. Whoever they use to make their lenses should be shot. NEVER WILL I BUY GLASSES HERE AGAIN.

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  • Ka
      Apr 29, 2009

    Ms. Moriarty,

    It does not matter that you are lucky to have not had all of your lenses crack on you from incorrect cleaning--you should avoid cleaning lenses with dishsoap, Windex, and other chemicals not specifically formulated to be gentle with the special coating you ordered. If you do not want to purchase a cleaner that is meant to be used on glasses, water works fine and use a 100% cotton cloth (not Kleenex.)

    Lenscrafters also needs you to leave your glasses so they can make the lenses fit correctly, otherwise they cannot do anything to help you. It is entirely possible to purchase a spare pair without spending $400 at Lenscrafters, and it is entirely possible to purchase a nice inexpensive spare pair at another place while staying with Lenscrafters for a more fashion-conscious pair.

    Lastly, Lenscrafters doesn't make the lenses themselves, but just as they work in tandem with companies like Ray-Ban and Prada, the same goes for lenses.

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