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Lease Finance Group / terminal scam

United States, Illinois, Chicago Review updated:
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Leae Finance Group/Nationwide Process
233 N Michigan SUite 1800
My Rep from Champaign, Illinois promised waiving early termination fees, promised to pay fees from existing credit card processor, offered a "trail period". All lies. She represents herself as a rep for Nationwide Processing from St. Louis, MO. She also ties in a "non-cancellable lease" for a $99 credit card terminal. Lease Finance Group from Chicago will debit over $2, 000 from your bank account for the $99 machine. Your 'sales rep" will recieve a large "commision" check if they do it. That's why they do it. MONEY!! For the love of GOD----you can't trust LEASE FINANCE GROUP, RUSTY BAKER-HER BOSS, NATIONWIDE PROCESSING...


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A  21st of Mar, 2010 by 
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Nationwide Processing is a very unethical company and has no intentions of looking out for the customers real needs. They have screwed many people out of their money by leasing used ATM equipment for thousands of dollars too much using hard pressure selling tactics, not to mention the horrible service and the many unresolved issues they have with many of their customers because they could give a rats a** about locations with minimal transactions. I hear many stories about this company which 99% is not good. I know this because I am constantly trying to help many of these poor customers get out of the contracts this company has immorally stuck them with.

Just stay away from them! Do your research.

They also keep switching company names to stay under the radar. Here's some of their names: Nationwide Processing, Nationwide Processing LLC, Nationwide Companies, Matrix ATM, and who knows whatever else.
A  16th of Dec, 2011 by 
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The Company's salesman use of false and deceptive sales practices in securing a ATM contract with my business. Mr. Brad Harvey, a salesman for the company approached me to put a ATM machine in my business. Mr. Harvey guaranteed me that the machine would produce over 80 transactions per month, with no cost to me, or they (Nationwide Processing) would move the ATM to a more profitable location. Mr. Harvey hand wrote a note to me stating the above. Mr. Harvey also stated that after the 60 month term, the ATM machine would belong to my company. The terms of the contract turned out to be the complete opposite. The contract indicated a 60-month lease with the option to renew for an additional 60-month term, with Nationwide retaining ownership of the machine. My Harvey also promised to provide me with a 10-foot banner on the side of the building to promote the ATM machine, which has not happened. Mr. Harvey flat out LIED in order to get me to sign the contract with Nationwide.

I tried for several weeks to contact Mr. Harvey about the issues, with no response. I then contacted Mr. Rusty Baker (Owner) and was told that Mr. Harvey was terminated, and no longer representing the company, and any arrangements made by Mr. Harvey would not be honored.
N  18th of Aug, 2012 by 
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I too have the same complaint about this company . They change their name so fast when their reputation catches up with them on the web. OI have found over 40 related DBAs turns out all owned by same entity. I cancelled with them within the first month. We never had a transaction with them they stole money out of my account until I blocked them. I never could reach anyone on the phone. The equip they shipped was programmed incorrectly not even correct name on credit machine. Then it was non compatible . We gave up and cancelled with them sent the equip back and now they are suing me since the collection dept failed to get any money. Suing me in the city of NY. NY I am in Illinois. They have called personally threatened me and my terminally ill mother at her home. I have attorneys look at this and it will be costly. been advised to settle and move on and thats what they are banking on. I just dont want to give them a nickle. Wondering if anyone has had any luck in fighting them. Contacted Il attorney general and checking with the FTC. I heard the FBI are looking into them currently and why not interstate trafficking, bank thievery, unethical practice and not sure whether they are even a USA company some of the stuff I am finding on them has no State affiliation. Mohammed Aziz is their attorney what does that sound like to you. Perhaps we are funding terrorists? Looking for advice they are some bad news!

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