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Leap Wireless / Cricket / Lazy Executives

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Here are some of the thousands of complaints logged against your company. I was a customer when you first went into Arkansas and realized that you were new and there would be problems. After all these years you have gotten worst!!! You need to FIRE those lazy and stupid people who answers the phones and give information. I know cheap labor can be found in India and the Philippines but they are so rude and unprofessional. Also fire those desk sales reps because as you can see they cause the biggest problems with giving the wrong service contracts to make more commissions or just plain dont give a damn about customer service. There are a lot of qualified customer service people now without jobs and would love to have one and will do a great job for you. The people you have now dont appreciate having a job with your company because if they did they would do it at least 65% of what you hired them for!!I know you are the Fat cats and the bottom line is $$$$$..but send a message to the scrubs that you will no longer accept sub standard work performance and have them get off their lazy ### and do what you are paying them to do and stop running your company into the pits. Sooner or later the poor blacks, whites and Mexicans will be targeted buy other professional ran companies like verizon, sprint, and t-moble and you will be wondering what happened...THOSE LAZY RUDE grunt workers drove your customers away!!!Hello Human resource PERSON!!! Crack down on them and tell them to treat customers with some respect and actually provide some helpful SERVICE..Mr Hutcheson get off the golf course and make a surprise call to your customer service and tell them that they gave you the wrong plan and ask for the correct plan and a refund on your previous payment..or that they over billed you...or you are not getting good service and see what WE as customers have to go through. I bet you dont use Cricket Who is you cell phone carrier?

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