LCBOassumption of purchase, rude, poor judgement

I was in the LCBO with my father. I am 32 and he is 63. He was purchasing 8 flavoured beers for a Christmas stocking. I didn't have my ID as I and 32, was not making the purchase, and left it in the car. I stood by him at the cash and the cashier asked for my ID. He accused my dad of buying alcohol for underage. He said my daughter is 32, and this is not even for her, she is just with me in the store. He then said "people like you lie all the time." This was embarrassing, rude, and totally out of line. I am not even close to the age limit. I have read similar posts where minors were nearby which make sense. But this was uncalled for. Also the pure rudeness of this man was out of line. We left and drove 20 mins each was to go get my ID. We felt we needed to redeem ourselves as he made us feel like criminals. Just an aweful experience.

Dec 22, 2014

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