LBC Express / forever ang pag aantay

Ordered may 16, 2018 until now, may 29, 2018 still di padin dumadating, need ng more employee ang lbc malaybalay branch kasi as per checking dun mismo sa branch, tambak lahat ng untouched parcels sa branch, pls rectify this issue, di kami makakapag wait ng forever for this. Please take note, di namin alam kung yupi naba yung item or what, plus least priority nila e deliver ang via xpost kaya mas lalong delay

LBC Express
LBC Express
LBC Express

  • Updated by pat0716, May 29, 2018

    😍 april 11, 2018 ordered 3wireless speakers to this store royqueen philippines
    🤭 april 25, 2018 arrived : piece of wood (with clingwrap & naka bubblewrap pa, courier via lbc)
    🙄 april 25, 2018 reported to lbp, lmbm and royqueen
    😡 may 29, 2018 - until now no refund padin or whatever from this 3 companies

    As per checking with royqueen & lmbm, may descripamcy sa lbc manila to malaybalay bukidnon since tama na speakers yung pinadala nila kay lmbm na sealed

    Just wow #yoursowood

May 29, 2018

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