Lazadapoor services

I ordered January 7, 2017 it was 3 items and all was available and not transferred by sea, they said they will deliver the items until January 13, 2017 they delivered the 2 items in partial way before January 13, btw, I pay them in advance thru credit card. I don't know what happened to other one since they will not bother sending me updates/notification and their site of tracking items was too limited.Their customer service was so hard to reach during day time. I tried to call their hotline to ask on January 17 10pm the customer service named Leonardo told me that he will cascade a report to LEX to prioritize my order but nothing happened still. I tried to call again on January 18 around 9:30- 10pm and talked to Faiz same scenario and line that he will cascade a report to prioritize my order, since it was my 2nd time to call it is so hard for me to hang up the phone without assurance that they will assist me well so I require Faiz to hand over the phone to his supervisor, he let me talked to his supervisor according to him, his name is Ferdie, Ferdie told me that he is the one handling my concern and will give me feedback the day after. January 19 around lunchtime someone called me from Lazada telling me that the courier has no reply yet so I asked her to call the courier they should do something about it but still nothing happen again. The 3rd time I called again on January 19, 2017 past 10pm and talked to Joane and in my conclusion they have the same line " I will cascade a report and send it to courier, I will be the one personally assist your concern' but nothing happened after the conversation. LAZADA didn't bother on the concern of their customer. Is this how you treat customer?Why do I have to call you on the 3rd time and yet nothing happened? your customer service is not helpful at all same as your courier LEX. I need the items today but until now your not giving me any feedback. Your services was too bad.

Jan 19, 2017

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