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On April 20, 2017 my vehicle was booted in a LAZ Public Parking lot after I had paid upfront when parking my car and placed the receipt on my dashboard as the signs instructed. I had not been to this particular lot in years and it was different, so I was very careful to read all posted signs of how and when to pay. I located a payment station where digital machine were now in place (formerly you would put cash into a metal container) and looked around and read all the signs posted at that payment station to make sure I followed the proper procedures. I had a meeting that was not scheduled to last more than 1 hour, but I paid $8 for 2 hours. I assumed on the rare occurence the meeting ran over, I would simply pay the difference upon returning to the lot. I paid and walked to the building where my meeting was held.

Following the meeting and returning to my car, I found 2 boots on my car with an orange sticker on my window - an "IMMOBILIZATION NOTICE". It said do not attempt to move your car, but call 404.671.2490 and that $75 would be required to remove the boots. There was NO COMPANY NAME on the sticker, so I had no idea who I was calling.

Luckily, I had my cell phone with me and called the number. I was abruptly greeted by a male and fast talker, who ignored my inquiries of what company they were and why was my car booted. He rudely stated someone would arrive in approximately 15 minutes, and hung up on me. I called him back to ask the questions he refused to answer and again, he would not give me any answers, and hung up on me a 2nd time. I called again and he answered and immediately hung up. Therefore, I had no choice but to wait in the hot sun (feeling like passing out at this point since I was recovering from 4 surgeries and fighting for my life the past 6 weeks.) I took the time to walk back to the pay station and take pictures of all the posted signage - to which nothing regarding booting was mentioned. I looked around the lot and also found no signage regarding booting. I was completely dumbfounded. Finally, a young man arrive and YELLED "Is this your car?" so I walked over to him and asked him who he was and why my car was booted.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Atlanta, GAHe also ignored my inquiries and simply stated I needed to give him $75 to have the boots removed. He was rude and talked at a high speed - because apparently he was in a hurry to get to his next victim. I again, calmly asked him to help me understand WHY my car was booted and the name of the company he was with. He ignored my questions and rudely said "I'm leaving if you don't give me the $75 now" and headed back to his car. After realizing I was getting nowhere with this unscrupulous person and company, I explained to him I had followed procedures and paid prior to parking and assumed since my meeting had run long, i would be able to pay any overage upon returning to the lot. He just said well you were wrong and you are wasting my time! Therefore, what choice did i have but to give him $75 in cash and have the boots removed. However, by that time I was so upset that I told him I would hate to have his miserable & unethical job, being nasty on top of it all. He got into his car and pulled into a parking spot not far from me - awaiting is next victim I assume.
After researching this problem, I have found this is occurring DAILY across Atlanta. This company needs to be held accountable for their unethical procedures. Either put signs regarding the full process and/or booting of all vehicles that do not leave their space within 1 minute of being over what they have already paid, or STOP THIS PRACTICE. It is not right and the employees are anything but professional. In any company I have worked for throughout my career, behavior such as theirs would have them immediately fired. Are we going to let these kind of people and companies continue to rob us of our hard-earned money? I had to pay $83 that day for parking so that I could attend a meeting with a job recruiter. I didn't have that kind of money - particularly without a job at the moment!!!)
One lat thing - I continued looking at signage as I drove out of the lot. They have only 1 CYA sign referring to booting posted high on a pole as you enter the lot. The problem is that the lot can only be accessed from a 1-way street and the sign is on the pole that is to your back as you enter - SO NO ONE CAN SEE IT!!! Even more unethical.

May 04, 2017

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