Latam Airlines (formerly LAN Airlines)lost luggage, compensation & full complaint report

Latam Complaints Report:

Please accept this as the first stage of an official complaint against Latam Airlines.

This complaint will be followed up with the necessary legal action unless suitable compensation is provided. We are currently seeking legal advice with regards to this matter.

Report of Events:

On January 7th we (Ms Jasmine Moon & Ms Polly Lindsay) arrived in Santiago to find both checked in bags were lost. We spoke to officials within the airport who told us that both bags had been delayed in the connection area of Santiago Airport, however we were promised that the bags had been successfully checked in and taken through Customs to join our connecting flight to Puerto Montt. We clearly explained to the head supervisor that the loss of one bag in particular (Ms Polly Lynsey) was of particular importance as carried medication.

On arrival in Puerto Montt both bags did not arrive. We filled in the appropriate lost luggage forms and were told we would be contacted as soon as the bags arrived. The bags would then be delivered directly to the hotel. The following day the bags had still not arrived so we travelled to the airport again to speak to a supervisor. On doing so we were told that the bags were still lost but would arrive soon. The next day (now day three) we travelled to the airport again and were told the bags were still lost; However we were not confident that are request was being taken seriously therefore asked to check the baggage storage area. On doing so we found one bag (belonging to Ms Jasmine Moon). We left the airport and were told we would be contacted about the second bag within the next 24 hours.

The following day we received a phone call to say that they had found the second missing bag and that they would send it to the hotel where we were staying. We of-course waited in the hotel but two days later the bag still did not come.

We travelled to the airport a 4th time and asked to look in the baggage storage area. At this time we were told they had given the wrong bag description code (despite providing a photograph of the bag) and that there was no tracking number for this bag and that the travel label had been lost.

The following day we went to Puerto Montt airport a 5th time to check one last time. Due to the importance of the lost bag we decided we would have to return to the UK as soon as possible if the bag was officially lost. However; on arriving at the airport we spoke to the supervisor who said that the bag had now been found and was located in the storage area of Santiago Airport. He listed the exact contents of the bag leaving no question that the bag had been found. He took the lost luggage form (PIR) and replaced it with a Consignment tracking number that we were told this was the only document required to retrieve our bag.

We had already been in Puerto Montt one week of our vacation spending everyday at the airport and unable to complete our intended travels. It was crucial that the bag was retrieved as soon as possible and we were told that the most reliable and quickest way to get the bag was to physically drive to Santiago Airport. The supervisor contacted Santiago Airport and sent a report to say to keep the bag safely within the Latam Office and we would pick it up within the next three days. We were promised by both Santiago Airport Supervisors and Puerto Montt Supervisors that the bag would be waiting for us and that they understood the importance of this particular bag. To confirm; the drive from Puerto Montt Airport to Santiago Airport is approximately 12-14 hours.

We rented a car from the airport and drive over the following three days. We only stopped for overnight accommodation and drove in mid summer heat to achieve the retrieval of our lost bag. On arrival to Santiago Airport we went directly to the Latam Office and spoke to the supervisor who regardless of the confirmation we had received, told us the bag was not at the airport but stored in a main storage unit located 'somewhere' in Santiago. We were told they could not get the bag as access to this area was only available before 1pm. The supervisor listed the contents of the bag which assured us that the bag was in Latams possession and we were told to come back to the airport the following day and we were promised by a Latam Manager named Nicole that the bag would be in the Latam office waiting for us before 1pm. Nicole was fully aware of the ordeal we had already undertaken and the importance of the missing bag.

The following day we returned to the airport at the specified time of 1pm and spoke directly to the manager on this day within the Latam office. On this occasion we were then told that there was and had never been any record of this bag and that this bag was completely lost. We were told that Latam would contact us over the following days and that we should make a claim for the lost bag as well as the costs incurred over the 10 days spent trying to retrieve it. We can confirm; Latam has in no-way contacted us with regards to any compensation or insurance claims.

Following this information the following event happened;

As a direct result of having to stay unexpectedly in the Santiago area to attend the airport and Latam office over two days, our car tyres were slashed and our remaining items were stolen from inside of the Hire Car we rented to attend The Latam Office in Santiago Airport. These items included; our passports, the card issued by Santiago airport containing the Lost Luggage Reference number, our combined holiday money totalling £2000, Visa card, a computer, a Kindle, Ray Ban sunglasses, medication and many other important and expensive personal belongings.

As a direct result of this event we had to stay in the Santiago area to attend a meeting with the British Embassy on Monday so they can issue an Emergency Travel Document so we could return to the UK as soon as possible. This could not be completed sooner as the Embassy closes as 1pm on a Friday and re-opens at 9am Monday morning; therefore a further 3 nights had to be spent in Santiago without our belongings, our money or passports.

The final event occurred on Saturday morning. On coming out of the hotel to return the hire car that was needed to retrieve the bag from Santiago Airport, we found that the car had been broken into and the radio stolen and the central locking system destroyed.

In summary;

As a result of Latams lies, inefficiency and false information, we have not only had our entire dream vacation completely destroyed but have incurred huge costs, dangerous situations and extreme emotional stress.

We arrived in Chile on January 7th and spent the first 7 days in Puerto Montt airport being lied to. The following three in a hire car travelling to Santiago Airport with the sole purpose of picking up a lost bag that we were told by Latams Supervisors was waiting for us. The following two days in Santiago Airport being lied too again and the final day in the Police Station reporting the theft of our remaining items.

Official Complaint;

Throughout this event we were appalled by the reaction and the treatment we received from Latams Supervisors and Employees, particularly within the Latam Office located in Santiago Airport. The seriousness of our situation was dismissed and we were not helped in anyway with regards to receiving the documentation we needed to make the necessary insurance claim. We did not have any assistance in changing our flights so we could return home and we were met with serious animosity when we asked for official documents to be signed and stamped as required. We did not receive an apology by any person with the Latam Office even though they had seen us daily and were fully aware of the extent of this problem and the events that occurred over this time.


No amount of receipts collected over this time will provide compensation for this horrendous experience. It has been an unimaginable nightmare from the moment we arrived to this day and is a direct result of Latam losing our luggage and not providing reliable or truthful information and continual lies of a two week period. The final lie we were told over a week ago was that we would receive a confirmation email directly from Latam with instruction if making the necessary compensation claim. The manager told us that he would ensure this would happen as soon as possible. We have not received this email and based on every stage of this horrendous situation are in no-way surprised.


We expect full compensation for all the money lost and all the expenses incurred as a result of Latams insufficiency and ongoing false information and lies.

Much of the documentation we had collected over the two weeks in question was stolen; however we do have a number of receipts remaining, and a full list of the contents of the lost bag - some of which is listed in screen shot of a document provided by Latam when we told they had possession of the bag. As well as this Latam must incur all the costs incurred as a direct result of this situation. To include; all the costs incurred with relation to the hire car. The accommodation required whilst waiting in Santiago and food and refreshments during this time. Finally; suitable compensation must be provided for both Polly Lindsay & Jasmine Moon for the emotional stress, dangerous situations that occurred as a result and the poor treatment that was received. Latam is directly responsible for entirely ruining the trip if a life time for two individuals and needs to take full responsibility for their actions.

Due to the extent of the events that occurred over this time and the costs that have been incurred by both individuals we have had no choice but to seek legal advice. We hope that Latams response will take onboard the seriousness of what has happened and we will be treated with the upmost respect and the suitable compensation provided to avoid further action.

We have full police reports available, lost luggage reference number, flight details, receipts, credit card statement and witness statements available as needed.

Please inform me of the course of action that must be taken to receive the appropriate compensation and the documents you need to process this claim.


Ms Polly Lindsay & Ms Jasmine Moon

Latam Airlines (formerly LAN Airlines)
Latam Airlines (formerly LAN Airlines)

Jan 26, 2018

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