Lastminute.comnon existing reservation, overbooked hotel, terrible service

After a great holiday in the south of Italy we've decided to book our very last night in Naples, closer to the airport as our flight was early in the morning.
My partner has found a 'good offer' on
When arrived at the hotel we rang the bell and been told by the lady (presumably one of the owners/receptionists) that our reservation DOES NOT EXIST and there are NO ROOMS AVAILABLE. She advised us to call the agency. After several HOURS on the phone we found out that indeed the hotel was overbooked and there was no reservation even though the money had already been taken from my partners account. We hoped they would give us any sort of reasonable compensation.
After speaking with them for hours they finally decided to book us a room in hotel located 30 kilometres away from the place we were supposed to stay or a room in a HOSTEL full of BED BUGS and NO WATER!! Of course we said no and asked to speak to a supervisor/manager whom we've been told has finished his shift and there is no one to speak to. At this point we were on the phone for over 4 hours.. They transferred our call to another person who then said: 'hello thank you for the wait, we have booked you in one of the hotels'. My partner straight away said - I HAVE NOT AGREED TO ANY OF THIS, YOU'RE DOING IT AGAINS MY WILL, I'D LIKE A REFUND but the IGNORANT MAN said sorry there's nothing we can do, we can't do a refund, please write an email!!! are a scam and we will make sure everyone knows that.
If anything like this happened to any of you and you did get your refund please let us know where and to whom should we be speaking to.

May 07, 2017

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