LASTMENS BADBOY / dont buy here

London, ON, Canada

I bought a couch that they told me was leather ( come to find out its bonded leather.. 1/4 percent leather rest vinyl ) ... after 11 months the couch wore out so i called them after 6 weeks of no one calling me back i finally got a hold of someone and they sent out a service guy he took pics of the couch and said for sure it was a defective.. he told me they would call me in a week to let me know what they are going to do for me 9 they didnt call i let two weeks go buy and then i started calling ... i had bought the 5 year warrenty on this couch (which after calling i was told it was a third party warrenty for stains, not what i was told in store i was told it covered the couch for 5 years no matter what happened to it )i started calling aug 5th 2014 and had to call everyday for 5 months they wanted to only give me 200 dollars back and i wouldnt take that i wanted my couch replaced .. they finally said my couch was no longer made and i could go pick out a couch of the same value .. which they didnt have one couch that i liked and i bought my couch on one of their sales so they only had three other couches in my price range which when i went to the store to look at them one of the couches fell apart after lifting the arm.. i finally settled on a couch and i mean settled its totally not what i wanted .. i was told it would be 6 weeks for delievery and they tried to charge me for the colour change on the couch but in their ad it started the couch came in many colour there was no fine print that said i would have to pay 10% of the value of the couch to change the colour .. i fought about that and they said i could have the grey colour for free, then they told me i would i owed them 75 dollars for delievery, which i paid also not happy about .. then after i signed the paperwork i noticed that on my invoice it didnt say that the pillows were included like the sales guy said .. so i asked after 40 mins of him researching on a computer he tells me its not the pillows that are displayed its other pillows but he didnt have a pic or fabric to show me .. so i asked if i could have the pillows that were displayed i was told no and finally after calling head office they said i could have those pillows.. now i get a call today asking when they could come pick up my couch and i said i was told i could keep my couch for the 6 weeks it took for me to get a new couch.. and i was informed that they cant even process my order for the new couch until the picked up the old couch.. which i was in their store exactly a week ago .. so they havent even placed my order yet... so im suppose to be with out a couch for 6 weeks... this place is a joke dont ever ever ever buy from there they lie lie lie ..

Dec 17, 2014

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