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r. Eugene Smith performed wrong surgery on my eye. Even on the day of
surgery to correct my eye, by their own
Dr. MuMullan-she refused. I ONLY received a check for the cost of difference in surgery. I went to Woodhams Eye Clinic and had surgery corrected. I have statement from Dr. Woodham stating he corrected`visual problems from my previous eye surgery.
Dr. Eugene Smith was the only Dr. at
the time working at 4 locations. We were like cattle call. I WAS NOT REIMBURSED. I CANNOT BELIEVE DR EUGENE SMITH HAS A AD ON 96 ROCK.


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      Aug 25, 2009

    Could you please be more precise? What went wrong? I am considering PRK. Thanks

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  • C
      Oct 03, 2009

    I just had LASIK surgery by Dr. Eugene Smith and he was wonderful. I am now seeing 20/20 only after 24 hours! For anyone reading this, DO NOT judge Dr. Eugene Smith based on the initial negative posting. I would HIGHLY advise anyone wanting the surgery to go to LASIK PLUS: Dr. Eugene Smith.

    I am sorry for your issues with your surgery although you were not even clear in your complaint.

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  • J
      Jan 03, 2010

    Well I got prk in November of 2009. IT was the worst mistake of my life. TLC center in Tysons Corner Virginia by Dr. Anthony Roberts. I was not screen properly of warned about my large pupils. I have severe dry eyes and have lost my career as a result. I can no longer drive at night due to halos.ghosting and starbursts. MY eyes hurt 24/7. The pain has made me suicidal and I am only 32 years old. MY vision is good in one eye during the day and the other regressed and is poor. This has ruined my life. Please think very hard about getting laser vision surgery. If it goes wrong there is no going back . Dr. Anthony Roberts was a very cold hearted person when I was scared and in pain. I hope he looses his business and career because of the way he treated me.

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  • J
      Aug 19, 2011

    I went to lasik plus vision center on Buffalo speedway in houston, texas to get lasik's one an the people there told me that if i paid and extra $ 100.00 that i could get a lifetime enhancement when i needed it. But they lied and told me that it was not covered if i needed it for closeup, because that was a age related issue. well i don't know what life time means to them but for me it means forever.They said if i wanted my eyes fixed that it would cost me $1000.00 I am on disability an can not afford this, so i am left just about blind an on top of this i also have now chronic eye syndrome an i have to use drops in my eyes for the rest of my life. If you go there please read the fine print on the contract an don't jut let them tell you was each page of the contract is, unless you like getting screwed for nothing. jfisher willis, texas

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  • P
      Nov 04, 2011

    I wouldn't judge this complaint on it's lack of clarity. After all, this person can't see. I'm just looking as Dr. Eugine is the only one on my health plan offering a discount for Lasik. I see many good reviews and some bad reviews. With thousands of patients, there are bound to be a few unsuccessful operations. It sounds like this patient got caught up in not affording a lawyer to capture the Office's attention. They sound big... maybe too big to worry about a little fall out here and there.

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  • Y
      Jan 19, 2012

    I too had Crystal lens at a reputable eye surgery institute in Florida in July 2011, my left eye from day 1 has had discomfort, driving at nite a nightmare, fluctuation in focus near and far, 2 attempts on left eye have been made to cover his miscalculations, a laser surgery on left eye and a capsulectomy9Yag) is so unacceptable..the opthamologist will not admit anything, his neglect for my left eye discomfort chronic complaints and lack of focus on overall vision is amazingly the hugest disappointment, and $13, 000 poorer..he should be arrested for what he has dome to my eyes!!! Now I have to come up with money to get a second opinion...!!! that I don't have..

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  • S
      Jan 26, 2015

    these doctors seems to come from third world countries.where's no liability.I think I'll buy me glasses.

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