Larson Toyotanew purchase

C Nov 16, 2017

My wife and I seem to have purchased a Toyota Highlander from Larson Toyota in Tacoma, WA. We thought we achieved this on Monday of this week, to be told we would pick it up Friday- tomorrow- 11/17/17. Attempts to contact our salesman Todd, additionally the service manager were not returned to check on our status.
We appreciate work schedules and timelines. Does this not go both ways? After having spent a considerable amount on a new vehicle, is it not prudent to at least inform us of status, or st least have the courtesy of returning my call, as the person I spoke to this evening assured me would happen by end of business day.
I have had two Tacoma's in my life- great vehicles. This is what lead us to another our visit Monday at Toyota. Has customer service deprecated this much? We have not even taken possession of our new vehicle and feel totally disconnected and under appreciated.
I am left extremely frustrated by this whole process.

Kris Eyrikson

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