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Lady of America / Deducting fees/scammed on 36 month contract

1 Napa, CA, United States

I signed up for Lady of America in Napa, CA. The first owner had signs painted all over the doors saying, "Just $1.00 per day. No Contract." and so on. I talked to a trainer and said "Sign me up." The contract was NOT for 36 months. It was month to month. A short time after, I was contacted by the owner who said, "There's a problem with your contract so I will fill out a new one for need for you to go through this since it's our mistake...all you have to do is sign it. At the time, she told me what the "problem" was, i no longer recall, but it seemed reasonable. When I called to cancel, however, I was told I couldn't as I had a 36 month contract.

By then, the facility's doors were locked and I was assured my payments weren't being taken out. Now, here's what I did that was wrong: I neglected to confirm on my bank statement as we get pages of transactions each month. Further, my husband is the one who usually looks them over and he, frankly, has no idea where Lady of America is open or closed or whatever. He rarely questions charges i have made.

So, they opened a new facility with new owners and I received a letter that they were happy to serve me, blah, blah. This time I was afraid that I was being charged and checked the bank statement and somehow missed the line where it says my money is still being debited. Well this new facility also closed just a few months later. So, thinking about it, I checked the latest statement and there it is again. I have contacted my bank who tells me this is a stop-payment issue and it will cost $30 and last for only six months. This tells me that this unscrupulous company is going to try seven months from now and be able to start taking money from me again. If they'll take money when there is no facility around, they'll stoop to other levels, I'm afraid.

Just a warning to everyone else

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