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Dear Sir /Madam

I am Tshring tenzing Lama housbend of patient Shofee Yonjan and 6 month pregnancy.
She was visiting one of location lab on 111-16 Jamaica Ave for some test .

After waiting 1 hour they called and found some past due and one of the Employee his name is Carlos said sorry you have due we can't blood test you have go back .
I explain him we already process payment through our insurance company and if you need I can bring pepper work too but still he refused to do blood test .
while this curmtane of patient have over due so that mean she can't have treatment?
After 15 minutes they try to blood test and they said you have exception because of pregnancy .
Also I spoke with one of supervisor nasu county she said same thing about past due and I explain her I don't say I am not paying all past due already process through my insurance company and I have prof too also I went home to bring pepper and show to lab person and he refused to see and he said I am not billing person.
So please if they are not billing department person so their responsibility is provide service not urge with customers and send back from lab .
Any questions about this mattter you can reach me at [protected] or [protected]@ gmail. Com
Best regards,

May 06, 2017

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