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LA Fitness International / theft at la fitness

1 Cypress, TX, United States

Hi, my name is Veronica Flores I'm member since 2 years ago.

Usually my husband and I going to LA Fitness on Barker Cypress @ 529 FM, in Cypress Tx.

Saturday May 12th we decided to invite some friends to play racquetball, we ask for some guests passes and we were to play at LA Fitness on Louetta Rd.

We're playing like 2 hours, and then, our friends left the place.

We decided to go to the pool, and as always, we left our backpacks in the corresponded lockers and we went to the pool.

Like 20 minutes later, we decided to take a shower and when my husband went to his locker, it was broken an his backpack stolen.

he immediately went to the front desk to say the employees, what was happened, and try to look over the cameras.

I called to the police and when the police was in the gym, they going to look the cameras, but was to fast, so was very difficult to see something.

we made the police report, I was looking his phone by google find, and we found the phone in front of Chase ATM, completely broken.

The people stoled the backpack tried to use the credit cards.

He has in the backpack $1800 cash, credit cards, driver license, the phone, and all his stuff and new outfit, car keys. So in fact, my husband backpack has around $2, 500 of belongings.

Well, we had to pay lo lock smith for a new key and control, and the man who did it, told us is not the first time someone call for make a new key car in that location, if not,
like 3 times for same thing, theft.

A women inside the women's locker with me, say the same to me, few weeks ago, her husband was the same, somebody stole his backpack from the lockers,
but the manager told us is lie, because they have not any theft.

I don't think that people need to lie and tell me that.

We always go to LA Fitness on Barker Cypress and never happened something.

I need you help me out with this, because you need to find who was the robber.

The manager said, they going to try to find, but cannot guarantee nothing. Why not?
you have all the information of every people enter to the gym, you have cameras and your work
is take care of your customers.

I'm letting know, because we feel they doesn't matter our problem, is because is not their problem.

But if you stole something from a department store, you have consequences, even if is a small amount, ours was higher amount.

Let me know what I need to do, because we need to resolve this. Hope you going to help us.

2 weeks later, today Wed. May 23th, and not happened nothing!

Thank you

May 23, 2018

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