Kwik Kar / medal plates were left in my oil tank were mechanic place oil in my car

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Hello my name is Michael Johnson I think and my wife was getting a routine oil change at Kwik Kar in Cedar Hill and suddenly after her oil was change we notice that her car was not running the same. In about a week or two the car eventuality started to get worst and eventually shut down. I went to go get her car fix at auto-shop and they notice that it was some medal rods or plates inside of her oil tank. In order for them to see what the medal rods were they needed to remove the val covers to see if there was something wrong with my engine and once they removed the rods they notice that it was nothing wrong with my engine but someone had intentionally or accidentally broken the plates and left them inside of the oil tank. I met with my mechanic and he encouraged me to go to the place were my oil was changed to see if they mistakenly left the rods or intentionally left the rods in the oil tank. I had to pay 855.12 to get my car fixed and I only wanted them to pay for the damages. I met with the manger of Kwik Kar and he told me that he would get my money for the damages but he had to meet with the owner. Once he met with his owner the owner said that they are not liable for the damages. I have the plates or rods that were broken inside the oil tank and my mechanic will go on record on what he saw. My wife and I researched this company and we noticed that this establishment has a history of poor customer service. It is that I can get my $855 for the damages that occurred on my car. I am not trying to pursuit legal action or go to media. It is my hope that I can get this matter resolved.

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Dec 22, 2017
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      Apr 10, 2018

    I am wondering how this turned out for you. My boyfriend had a very similar experience and I don't know how to move forward with the issue.

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