Kuwait Airways / baggage size 161 cm - oversized based on staff & paid around irs 8,600

Today 25th march 2017 we travelled from mumbai to kuwait - ku 302, 6:30 am flight (Myself trevor monteiro & my 13 year old daughter danielle monteiro). We had 2 medium size suitcase weight for both 45 kgs, a small trolley bag weight 15kgs & a samsung sound bar weight 10kgs but the size based on staff 161cm for which I was charged around irs 8, 500. Considering we had one baggage a trolley bag I don't think they should have charged for the 161 cm as I understand the oversized shoul be looked with 2 baggages together should not exceed 273 cm which in reality we did not exceed. Appreciate if you'll could into this matter & revert back

Kuwait Airways
Kuwait Airways

Mar 25, 2017

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