Invoice date 08/31/2017
Dorr's equipment co.
I inquired about the purchase of front tires for my l2800 tractor. The original tires were 4 ply but was told that 6 ply tires were now being recommended for tractors with a bucket. The gentleman who was helping me with maintenance on the tractor inquired about the tires at dorr's while picking up fluids and filters. He was told that dorr's can order them and that now they only come in 6 ply. I called the parts department to double check and was told this was true and I proceeded to order the tires. I drove down to pick them up and asked the gentleman if in fact they were 6 ply and he confirmed that they were indeed 6 ply. I brought them home (40miles each way) and found that although they were the correct size they were 4 ply. I called dorr's and they agreed to take them back.
While filing my recites I noticed that I was charged a $45 restocking fee. I called and spoke with bill in parts and was told that it was policy to charge a restocking fee as it was a special order and it was done as a "favor" as they do not carry tires. The point I tried to make with bill was that I did not order the wrong tires, dorr's ordered the wrong tires. They presented me with 4 ply tires when I made it very clear several times before the order was placed that I wanted the 6 ply and that I should not be responsible for any penalties. The discussion really went no where but basically was told that I had ordered the wrong tires and policy dictates a restocking fee be paid.
I realize that this is not a major issue but it is wrong. I paid $140 for each tire expecting 6 ply tires, knowing that I could purchase the same sized tire in a 4 ply for $102 ea. I trusted dorr's and somehow they tried to make it my issue. Unfortunate. The resolution would be a refund of the restocking fee.

Sep 07, 2017

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