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Complaints & Reviews

z355e zero turn mower

I bought a Z355E Zero Turn Mower from Lowes about a year ago. Moved into a house with a decent sized yard, pretty flat but lots of trees, so that is what everyone recommended. What I didn't anticipate was raking up 200 bags of leaves last year. This year I said I'm going to buy a bagger for the mower... no way I doing all that raking. Imagine my shock to find out that John Deere, of all companies, does not make a bagger for this serial number of mower... what the heck??? I can't even get a hitch for this mower... it is the "newer" model. I was told I can spend the money to put a 42"deck on it and then I can get a bagger but I didn't spend the extra money for 48" deck to convert it to a 42". I'm not happy and would like to know if/what John Deere plans to do to make a bagger for these mowers. Who spends almost $3000 on a mower and even thinks that it won't support a bagger??? Come on John Deere, you guys are much better than this! My name is David Rhodes, email is [protected]@live.com and phone is [protected]... I'd love to hear something back!!

x300 riding lawn mower

In July, 2014, my husband, Fred and I walked into Evergreen for the first time. We had bought a 2 acre...

Orono Other

[Resolved] john deere 2014 2032r tractor ser#1lv2032rlelh113333, 193 hours.

Tractor is Hard to get into H - L range without pushing the forward/reverse pedal. I have had this issue...

e 100 lawn mower

i have had trouble with this lawn tractor fromm the beginning the mower belt was twisted to makeit shorter then the belt broke with only 20 hours on it lowes told me to bring th traCTOR AND THEY WOULD HAVE IT SHIPPED OUT FOR REPair trouble is it wll not fit in the trunck of my car the service people in red hook n y do not know whAT IS GOING ON IN MTHE WORLD VERY UPSET [protected]@AOL.COM PS: IAM 81 YESRS OLD AND STRESSED OUT OVER THIS HASSLE PLEASE ADVISE THANK YOU

zero turn mower / dealer customer service

John Deere Z335 and Z345 R with faulty hydrostats. When questioned about it they clam up and will not...

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Frequent flyer number blunder

Travel Docs,
Please investigate this matter looks like some blunder has happened with me, someone using my FREQUENT FLYER NUMBER for their benefits.
FF AI [protected]: This FF number has been assigned/logged to me at Pune airport on 23Oct2016 by Air India check-in window agent. I was travelling to Pune -Delhi-Chicago.
Now last week I was trying to log in using this FF number, it doesn't allow me to log in to check my points status and other details, therefore I have called to air India customer care and came to know that credentials which are assigned to this FF number are far different, not matching a single word with my credentials (Name, b'date, cell phone number, address). Customer care asked me to send an email to flying-returns.[protected]@iclployalty.com to investigate more but didn't get any reply back even after 48 hrs.

Recently, I have created new FF number which is [protected]. But I want my previous miles transferred to this new account, and need to investigate, that who was using the previous FF number to get benefits of my miles. Also I want complete statement of my previous FF number [protected]

Frequent flyer number blunder

Service from Dealership

I took my John Deere tractor there on June 22nd for repair and maintenance repair schedule. The person...

John Deere

I bought a John Deere push mower a couple of seasons ago. The deck is rusting apart. I called their customer...

Poor customer service and push mower

This is my 3rd time to the John Deere dealership in Orange Virginia. 1st trip was to buy a brand new top of the line Push Mower (already had zero turn). The first visit was ok because I was purchasing something. The next 2 visits were nothing but dealing with ignorant old boy network type of folks. If they recognize you will you be taking care of but because I didn't have a $100 thousand dollar tractor or a local name I stood there, ..." with not even a hello we will be with you when we can". I even had an older man, whom to seem to get anything he wanted because he appeared to be local farmer, nudge me so he could follow all of the employees preparing to move to their big shinny building. That all being said I took my business to the local Kubota, husgavarna dealer that promptly waited on me and helped me drop off the piece of ### JD mower to get fixed for the32rd time. That being said which is supposed to be under warranty which has never been honored.

Motor blew up

We purchased a John Deere, LA115 riding mower in March 2010 from Home Depot, to include delivery and a five year service plan. At 41+ hours use, the motor blew up. We had the riding mower service at the first required interval from a John Deere service provider and changed oil and filter (parts from the service provider) between, waiting for the 50 hour service interval which never came. John Deere says the riding mover is older than two years so they are not responsible. Home Depot cannot find the delivery and service contract information in their records so their service provider (located in the Philippines) refused to provide any repairs.

  • Ma
    MauiAL51 Jun 14, 2012

    Do you not have the copy of your paperwork you received at the time of purchase from HD? You know the receipt and warranty information?

    1 Votes

Lawn tractor engine blew after only 5 years

I purchased a John Deere tractor partly because of their good reputation however during the fifth year of using it only during the summers at my home, the engine blew. I called the company to complain and ask if they could do something to fix the problem, they said no. On top of that, two different dealers told me that it's a third generation company and that they "don't care". They also told me that they "have lots of this model that needs repaired however even when I tried to get the engine replaced, they told me it's a "bad design" and to junk it. One dealer offered me ond hundred bucks to use it for parts. ON top of that, there's no replacement engine that I could purchase. I'll never buy another one, that's for sure. HOpe this will help someone to avoid making the same mistake.

improper assembly/lack of service

My letter to them says it all: Dear Eis Implement and John Deere Corporate At the end of 2008 we purchased...

Stay away

John Deere Credit ordered a repossession of my farm equipment that was unnecessary and inconsiderate, and then charged me, the customer, $1, 000 to reclaim the equipment. Their action was not illegal, just illogical and insensitive.

When my income was reduced last year, I contacted all of my creditors asking for lower payments. Of nine credit accounts, John Deere was the ONLY one that refused. I continued to make regular payments, but at a reduced level. The original loan balance of $13, 600 was down to $1, 400 and would have been paid off before long, when they ordered the repossession, which cost me the additional $1, 000 to reverse.

Again, their action was not against the law, but it was counter-productive, in that they now have a very dissatisfied former customer who would have been loyal to them until this happened.

They need to reverse their rigid policies and offer their collection agents more leeway to approach their work with a stronger sense of humanity.

  • Co
    cowfire Jan 24, 2011

    Similar experience. I was late on a few payments, told JDC the situation, that I could pay back all the overdue with penalties and interest in 30 days. They said OK. 15 days later go to barn to find excavator repo'd. JDC added thousands of fees. Their collection agencies then told me contrdictory stories, yelled at me, etc. Nevere in my life will I use JDC. SUCH A BAD TASTE IN MY MOUTH I WILL AVOID JOHN DEERE...Which is sad because that's what our entire family of farmers has used for generations...

    0 Votes

sorry service/disrespectfull attitude

paid 10, ooo cash for new x740 garden tractor, first use engine overheated, had service dept.work on it three...

Snow blower is junk

I bought the snow blower in Oct 2009, brought it out on the first snowfall and it would not move. Sent it in for warenty repair, got it back and same thing. Sent it in a second time, John Deere added some weather striping and roughed up the drive plate. Still did not work, sent it in a third time. John Deere kept it until April and brought it back. When I tried it in August it would not move in reverse. So they have it again. When is enough, enough, they should replace it but John Deere will not. John Deere wants me to trade it in on a new model and pay them for all the time it sat in the shop. John Deere snow blowers are a ripoff!!!

  • Rd
    RDame Dec 27, 2010

    I too bought a John Deere snowthrower last year. Shear pins are too small and the hoes are sloppy. I replace at least three wvery snow storm. Hitch pin in wheels broke and had to replace those. Transmission does not work properly and does not adjust properly. I bought this instead of a Honda and it was a serious mistake. I have jused all kinds of snow removal equipment over the years and this is the worst piece of junk by far, and not cheap at 18.500. Should have bought a Honda...

    1 Votes
  • Rd
    RDame Dec 27, 2010

    I too bought a John Deere snowthrower last year. Shear pins are too small and the holes in the augers and wheels are sloppy. Pins are aluminum which work hardens and becomes extremely brittle. I replace at least three every snow storm. Hitch pin in wheels broke and had to replace those because the wheels fall off. Transmission does not work properly and does not adjust properly. I bought this instead of a Honda and it was a serious mistake. I have used all kinds of snow removal equipment over the years and this is the worst piece of junk by far, and not cheap at 18.500. Should have bought a Honda...

    1 Votes

multiple, relative to a tractor package purchase

Bought a 5045 E John Deere tractor with loader, blade, auger, mower deck, and trailer. Picked it up from Foster's in Hockley, Texas and transported it home to SW Colorado. I have had diesel utility tractors from 19 HP to 85HP, trucks, generators, and I have operated combines, haybines, choppers, forklifts, backhoes and skid steers for some thirty years, but is was my first brand new tractor ever, so you imagine my excitement. Shopped locally, but the closest I could come to a comparably sized/priced tractor with loader was in Utah, and it did not come with a trailer or other equipment, and it wasn't a JOHN DEERE. I figured it was worth the drive. I needed a larger tractor, as I help to maintain a one and a half mile lane (two neighbors pitch in when they are in town), and have been using a 19 horse power 40 year old tractor with a 4 foot blade spending some fifty hours moving snow one month last season while everyone else was out of town. The dealership was made abundantly aware of the proposed use (to move lots of snow), and the winter weather it would spend most of its time operating in. The salesman even talked me into upgraded wide ag tires ($500) extra because he said "all of his other Colorado customers loved them". I was hesitant because wide tires, like dual tires "float" on heavy snow. But they were on the tractor when I got there, and they seemed aggressive enough.

Got it home and couldn't get it started - Oct 29th, 13 degrees. Finally warmed up outside and it started, the mower was on, so I mowed for a while. Neighbor came by to check it out and noticed antifreeze pouring from the tractor. I checked, needed antifreeze, and figured when the presale service took place, they didn't get the cap back on right. But curious, I checked the rest of the fluids. Oil was very very low, hydraulic fluid almost didn't register. UH OH! Took it in to the local John Deere, yep, needed all fluids and had a stripped hose clamp. Gee, you would have thought presale service would have caught that, but I got a blank presale JD form. Foster's service manager claimed they did the presale service, but they never use that form?!? I live alone right now while my husband works toward retirement in another state. I figure it was a damned good thing that the hose clamp issue came up, because I might not have checked the other fluids until 50 hours went by, (per manual check) and I would have been just like another Hockley, Texas customer who is complaining of a faulty engine. Maybe he didn't get any oil either...

Home a second time, things seemed okay, but I still struggled to start the darned thing. I make a home for the mower and attached the blade, because we are getting into snow season. I help a neighbor move a little dirt, and smooth the drive to my barn. Still struggling to get the tractor started, so I called the local guys after damn near memorizing the manual re: cold weather starting. Turns out the nice folks in Hockley sold me a diesel tractor with absoutely NO preheat, no block heater, no glow plug, no exhaust preheat, nada. The exhaust preheat and block heater were only about $350, which I would have obviously paid for at the time of purchase, but the salesman failed to mention that preheat equipment on this tractor is optional. Not a single perso I have talked to, farmer, industrial user, no one has EVER heard of preheat being optional on a diesel, and nothing I was referred to by the dealer would have alerted me to that fact. Because of a bad snow storm I could not get the tractor to the local shop (A. it wouldn't start, and B. the road was treacherous with about a foot of snow, so I got to pay $95 per hour for a brave young man to lcate a shop truck with 4x4, come to the farm and spend 4 hours installing the equipment in 4 degree weather. Hockley won't even consider reimbursement for anything. Their arguement is that the salesman is from Houston where you don't need preheat, and the preheat equipment should only cost - oh an hours worth of work and some hundred or so dollars in parts, yeah, my bill was $820.

Ah, back to the blade, the pivot pin sheared off the second time I used it for snow -mind you not three feet of snow, but maybe half a foot of powder, fell off right in the middle of the road. I called Armstrong Ag/ Ag-Meier in Brenham, Texas, an they were glad to supply a new part and pay for the major strip and reweld. I figured the two inch steel pin must ave been poorly cast, or was brittle for some reason? Got the blade home, re attached it and set to plowing. Plowed like a champ, and was I ever relieved. Second wave of snow, and again I started early during the storm, because it was New Years, and I figured the neighbors would be busy with family. Have to admit I was on pins and needles worrying about "stressing" the new blade. It is a gravel road, but it is meticulously maitained in the summer by all the neighbors, so should not present such a challenge. Almost done, headed home and the pin sheared again. The mfg rep says he will try to work with me, but is only willing to refund what he sold the unit to Foster's for, and will not pay to ship it back to Texas. He could care less that a 54 year old woman had to wrestle the stupid 200 pound blade into the bucket in the middle of the road, in the dark, in a snow storm.

There is an old adage for this situation f----- but not kissed. I am planning to file a suit in Colorado if John Deere World and Ag-Meier do not come up with a workable solution. Time is running out for me, te is a new storm moving in. I do not want to file a suit, but any possible savings are slowly going right out the window because Foster's Farm and Equipment has to be the very worst dealership I have ever had the misfortune of buying from. All I want is reimbursement for the freezing service call, reimbursement of the cost of the blade, and to not pay some $300 shipping to get it back to Brenham, maybe a sum total of $2000 at most. You would think they would get a clue, that fighting a civil suit in COlorado is going to cost them alot more.

Hope this saves someone else the same issues.

PS, Foster's was loading a smaller tractor package when I picked mine up (and by the way I didn't even have to sign for the thing), they allowed the new owner to leave the lot with the same pieces of equipment strapped only with one inch nylon straps like you would use for furniture in the back of a pickup. They were amazed I brought chains, commercial chain tighteners, and six 1400 pound commercial ratchet straps to secure equipment. I saw two of the other man's little orange straps on the freeway entrance ramp, and hoped like hell he did not kill someone with flying equipment on the way home. Foster's is irresponsible, and I want everyone to know it.

Anyone interested in a class action?

To the site owners, there is nocategory appropriate for this complaint.

  • Tr
    Tractor Man 8 Dec 30, 2011

    I guess you should have had your husband pick up the new tractor. Men know to check things out before hauling things over 1000 miles back home, DUH!

    -2 Votes
  • Wi
    wis joe Nov 14, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hi i am joe . live in northern wis . got same tractor. bought here. brand new. dlear did not tell me about it, .next time i buy case or kabot they glow plugs on all tractors turn key on count to 10 start.i been jd man 55+ tears johndeere whent to mexico., canda.

    1 Votes
  • Hu
    Hunter jumper Apr 12, 2013

    Please, what does being a man have to do with it! What about the company' s responsibility of providing SERVICE to the customer. They got the sale and somebody didn't follow thru. Joe I can't even make out your comment!

    2 Votes
  • Jo
    john deere tractor Aug 26, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a from Home Depot John Deere Riding mower 100 series, 54 " deck ND 25 HP Motor. I paid $3500.00. 2 days before warranty expired 47 hr's
    the engine blew up, broken rod. I was referred to Ritchey Tractor in Maryville, 1746 Lamar Alexander pkwy by their sticker on my mower for warranties.
    I dropped it to Ritcheys, with they confirmed it was still under warranty. I took the mower there and left it, which was advised by service dept. they called me back approximately 3 hrs later saying that motor was no good and it would cost more to fix the motor than to buy a new mower for $2500.00 to fix it.
    They advised me that was not covered under John Deere warranty, because Ritchey Tractor said sometime in the machines life it had been low on oil,
    I know for a fact I changed the oil & serviced the machine every month, and as long as I have had it it was low on oil. When it came from John Deere factory could it have been damaged in preposition . There was no leaks, no signs of oil drip age, so where in the 47 hrs of use, did the oil usage go.
    Just to look at the mower, Ritcher Tractor also charged me $82.31 just to tell me it was blown up and no warranty and the motor is disassemble in a box on my trailer, and at no time did I visibly inspect to the parts accordingly to Ritchie Tractor. In the mean time Ritchie Tractor had the wrong invoice of someone else s, they finally found my invoice, I will not refer anyone to Ritchie Tractor, Home Depot or John Deere. They do not keep their word for their warranty's. They rip the customers off . I would think twice before buying a John Deere tractor

    0 Votes

bad company product

Dear sir/madam

I have purchased a tractor 5310 96 MG global excel from your agency R.K. AUTOMOBILES siddharthnagar U.P.bill No.35.
in 140 hrs. it has damaged 5 times when i complain to the agency they said to contact to our company eng. Mr.Satish Sarerde
Then I contact him he said i have no time because I have to deal all U.P. so you contact to your dealer.
Please help me who will solve my problem . I sended the tractor to the agency but my problem is as it is.

Mahesh Agrawal

paid for mdse, but not delivered