KTM / rude ktm staff in kl sentral; lacking of good manners

1 Malaysia

Hi, I would like to address the issue regarding to one of your staffs who is in charge at the gates in KL Sentral.

I have never encountered with this problem before when my Touch n Go had a problem at the gate as the staffs will guide me through but today was an exception. I was about to take a ride from KL Sentral to UKM and my card had a problem. I asked one of the staffs there for assistance. Unfortunately, the staff did not help me at all but instead he was shouting at me over and over again. He was very very rude as I only asked him to help me politely.

I was so embarassed. I have never been publicly humiliated before. I thanked God that this one lady came and helped me.

I hope that I will not be facing with the same problem again in the future especially when a person is in need of help. I really hope u guys can give your staffs a bit on an "attitude training" since some of them are still lacking of them.

Thank you.

Jan 24, 2019

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