KTM Berhad (Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad) / terrible attitude of front desk & counter staff in kl sentral

Dear KTM,

I'm very disappointed with your service due to the poor attitude of the front desk & counter staff in KL sentral. I am a loyal customer for ETS train, and it really helps out me to travel to another place conveniently. However, the front desk staff in KL sentral is really rude as she called me 'Ei' instead of Miss, and she even not helping the customers . As I wanted to print out my ticket from a picture because the ticket was exchanged in my hometown by my brother. And the staff in my hometown said the ticket can be printed in KL sentral when I show them this picture. But when she saw the ticket was a picture taken ticket, she told me that it cannot be reprint as the system not allowed them to do this action. Then I asked her what's the further actions for me to do with the ticket, but she just answered me tak boleh print.
After that, I approached the gate staff and asked whether I can use the ticket for the train. Although he said the ticket is not valid as some certain reason, but he listen to my explanation and tried to helping me out.
He went to another counter to ask whether can help me because there's some miscommunication caused the ticket have to reprint. But the lady was rude by saying that it is not their responsibility to this issue and asked me to go away from her counter.
She even offended me as I told her I must go back due to some urgent issue and she started saying that people always say they must go back because of urgent issue like parents pass away. This statement for me is really rude and terrible to talk with customers, it is like cursing my parents to die.
However, I really appreciate the gate staff helped me to called the higher position of staff to solve my problem.
Lastly, my ticket was reprinted by the rude lady but she still utters words of warnings with disrespectful manner.
I'm not saying it is their responsibility to help customers to reprint the tickets, but I think the staff must at least speak with a good manner and politely.
It is not the first time for me that the front desk & counter staffs disrespect and talk impolitely, but I could tolerance with a limit. But from cursing my parents to die is a terrible and disrespectful way to treat a loyal customer.
I really hope that KTM could emphasis the quality of communicating with the customers and quality of employees. As the employees are the assets for the company, and they are representing the KTM's image and reputation.

Nov 24, 2017

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