KTM Berhad (Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad)lousy customer service

Ktm always delayed a lot of time without any reason given, fine. I am still ok with it if I am not rushing. I even skip my class before because of the delayed by the ktm without any announcement at their official account in twitter. So today as normal I am taking ktm to subang. At the shah alam station, they said they are gonna stop for maintenance or something else. After waiting for about 20 minutes I ask them at twitter, they reply me waiting for what signal clearance bla bla. Then I ask them, can they estimate the time so I can count whether I can reach sharply to take my final exam? Fine no reply! If you can't estimate you can just reply me you don't know but not letting me to wait for your reply, at last I took grabcar and reach school just in time! If i'm late for my final will you pay any responsibility for it? Even you're under maintanence you should always inform earlier at ur official website but not only inform after it start/ customer ask. Lastly, [censor] you ktm!

Dec 09, 2017

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