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I purchased a ticket on 12/3/17 via online from BM to Kampar (19/3/17 16:14-18:[protected]) but i want to cancel this ticket due to choosing wrong date. After that i quickly call to center requested want to cancel the ticket on 9.58am the agent told me if cancel the ticket need to go to your nearest KTM counter. Ok I went to Butterworld KTM counter request to cancel. I waiting at there around half an hour more, at the end the counter ladies told me that at this moment she unable to cancel my ticket without any reason and just ask me to give her my contact number and somebody will call me back. Ok fine, after went back to my home i also have called to center to confirm again i want to cancel my ticket is there somebody will take care on my case? I also have mentioned my CIMB Bank hasn’t deducted my money yet can i 100% cancel instead of 70%. The agent told me, yes if the transaction is unsuccessful will 100% refund to me within 14 days. Ok because CIMB Bank hasn't deducted my money yet and I thought she will help me to cancel the transaction become unsuccessful and 100% refund to me. After 1 week ago I checked back my bank transaction there was 100% deduct my money WHY!!! I have told you I want to cancel my ticket, and you want me go to KTM counter to request for this, yes I did it. At the end you not 70% refund to me is 100% deduct my money? What's going on? I call to center on 20/3/17 4:51 pm to ask about this, the agent said will checked for me and give her some time. Ok, after 1 week i did not receive any response from KTM!! I want to know is this kind of services that you give to your customer or because my ticket value only RM25 so nobody will pay attention on my case? Please tell me, if this is the service that KTM provide, yes I will use RM25 to buy your BAD, SLOW, and WITHOUT ANY REASON AND RESPONSE services instead of waiting.

Mar 26, 2017
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  • Jj
      Mar 26, 2017

    @Anne Voon, you are so naive. Did you really think anyone from KTMB cares about your problem? They just took your number for the sake of it and they do not have the intention of calling you back. They asked you to go back and wait so that you could call back later and tell you the same thing. You are naive. The only thing you could do now is gather all the written correspondence (if you have) and forward your case to the Tribunal Pengguna. Maybe, RM25 is a cheap price to pay for a lesson on how to deal with your 'local' service provider.

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