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Krystal Cancun / Fraud

1 Mexico Review updated:

Krystal Cancun is practicing fraud over and over again. My husband, and I was fraud ed over $35000 Jun 2009. I don't know why no law going after this resort. Hate them so much. They took our money we work so hard for many many years. I don't know how We can get back our money and forget Kristal Cancun forever. Please avoid this place choose another place if you go to Cancun

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  • Ma
      29th of Jun, 2009
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    While in Cancun we were invited to a 90 minunte timeshare speech. The salesman tour us that if we bought, he would help us renting the week because NH Krystal is very close to the convention center. He assured us there were lots of people looking to rent weeks at Krystal because of the proximity to this place.

    Dumb enough, we believe him. Six months after, we were still waiting for this rental income. We called him several times asking him what was going on until he decided not to take our calls anymore. We searched the internet just to find out that everything we were told was a total lie. We went back to Cancun to cancel and they tried to sell us more!!! It was unbelievable.

    On the way back to the airport, we found an ad of a law firm specialized in timeshare matters. We contact them and they help us cancel and recover our earnest money.

    Please be aware that if you go to a timeshare presentation in Mexico these salesmen will try anything to get you to buy their product. Timeshares are worthless!!!

    If this advice is too late for you, contact, they will help you cancel. Once they see that you have legal assistance on your side they will give you the respect we all deserve.

    Matt Preston

  • Se
      20th of Jan, 2018
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    @Matt Preston Can you provide me a contact number for the attorney as the web address does not work. If so, please send it to my e-mail:

  • Kr
      30th of Jul, 2009
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    OMG.. I am the next victim. we my husband and I .. bought the timeshare.. it sounded good.. and now we get home.. look at the web.. and find all these complaints.. WHAT are they doing. and why are they allowed to take are money.. isnt this FRAUD.. I have called them KRYSTAL .. with No one calling me back.. and now i am calling the lawyers listed above.. thanks for giving me the names.. cant wait to see what is going to happen will tell you in due time.. Emma..

  • Ro
      15th of Oct, 2013
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    It seems like this is a very common problem in Mexico. My wife & i bought into a Royal Elite Timeshare in Playa del Carmen. We stayed in sandos caracol resort & signed contract for royal elite. we've found out in the last few months that availiablity of resorts that we require are very limited (sales person shown us extensive range of hotels). flight deals are no better than booking myself. we enquired to stay lanzarote sandos dec 2012 the ai rate is in total $1900 for the week. i feel that this is going to be costly in the long run, not the ideal deal that was sold to us. This is a forum with more complaints about this company:

    I'm in the process of calling the BBB and PROFECO and seeing what they can do. Possibly the attorney General also!!

  • Lu
      11th of Aug, 2016
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    On May 17, 2016, my husband and I attended one of the “90-minute” sales presentations hosted by Krystal Resorts, Cancun. We are both educated and intelligent people who have attended such presentations in the past, but when weighing the costs-vs-benefits of time-share ownership, have always opted out of committing to ownership. In this case, however, our salesman German made a very compelling presentation based upon a “vacation package” offered exclusively by Krystal Resorts called the ICE Rewards program. According to German, if we purchased a time share condo with Krystal Resorts, we could also purchase a lifetime membership in the ICE Rewards program for $875. He assured us that this program offers guaranteed lowest rates on airfare (40% off the lowest published rates), cruises (50% off lowest published rates) and hotels ($199 per week if booked one-month or less in advance, and $399 per week if booked three months out from travel). When queried about what hotels this included, we were informed that it included all the international hotels listed on the ICE website (per German this included the Hilton, Hyatt and Radisson). We asked him to show us what hotels specifically were available for $199 in London, England at that particular week and he pulled up a long list of hotels comparable to those listed on This offer had great appeal to me as I book a great deal of student travel and getting the guaranteed lowest rate would be beneficial to my job. I had no interest in the timeshare contract, however, and indicated this quite clearly to the sales staff.

    German informed us that the ICE program was only available if we purchased a time share studio at Krystal resorts for $18, 000 for 25 weeks of rental and with an annual maintenance fee of $625. The full contract was for 25 years at one vacation week per year, but we were given the option to rent up to five weeks annually through their rental agency Latitude 21. We were guaranteed that IF the condo rented, we would receive $1, 250 per week of rental ($6, 250 – the annual maintenance of $625, per German’s math or $5, 625). According to German, the cost of the time-share would pay for itself in rental income. I was concerned by the verbiage of our contract (section 8) which indicated that maintenance fees must be paid in advance for each week of rental. When I specifically asked German, what happens to the 20 remaining weeks of maintenance fees if we rent or use all 25 weeks of our timeshare in the first five years, he assured us that “it goes away.” I clarified, “you mean we don’t have to pay it?” and he assented that this was correct. I also asked if we could book up to nine rooms simultaneously in one year, say for a destination wedding and he assured me this would be no problem. After clarifying the muddied sections of the contract verbally with the salesman, we signed in good faith. We were never informed of how we might extricate ourselves if we had a change of heart on the contract. Less than two weeks after signing a contract with Krystal, we were contacted by the listing agent and asked to pay the “listing fee of $675.” To date, there is no evidence that the condo has ever been listed for rental. Our ICE Rewards program did not activate until 51 days after we signed our contract (over a week later than promised).

    All aspects of the sales pitch were a lie. The ICE Rewards program can be purchased separately on an annual basis for just a few hundred dollars a year. It does not offer hotel rooms for $199 and $399 per week in major cities across the globe, nor are the rates any cheaper than or It has a handful of bargain hotels (six when I looked in July) that were offered at comparable low rates, in undesirable locations like Grenada and Gatlinburg, TN. In fact, in comparison, the rates at the same hotel for the same period in London, England were $15 per night higher on the ICE web site than at When I pointed this out to the ICE customer service staff, they made no effort to match the price but did finally acknowledge my right to withdraw from the program since I was within the ten-day trial period.

    I was not so lucky with the Krystal Resort customer service staff. When I pointed out the deception involved with their sales tactics they simply said that I “signed a contract.” I then requested to book nine rooms for January 2017 per my contract in order to extricate myself from the time share as soon as possible. I was told that I could only book nine rooms if there was availability and that I only had priority booking for one room. Furthermore, I would have to pay the $625 maintenance fee nine years in advance to reserve the rooms that I could not be guaranteed. So, German’s assurance that using my weeks in advance would cause my maintenance fee to “go away” was also false. After doing my own math given this situation, I determined that I would be paying Krystal Resorts $200 a year to not use the condominium, assuming that I would be able to rent it regularly, which is doubtful. When I requested to quit claim deed the condo back to Krystal and walk away from the $6000 I had already sunk into the down payment and closing costs, they informed me that my contract said I was responsible for 40% of the remaining cost of the time share or an additional $7200.

    It is my interpretation that by international law, a contract is only binding if both parties understand the stipulations of the contract and any explanation involves complete disclosure on the part of the contractor. If deception is used to misrepresent the articles of the contract, the contract is no longer binding. I would assert that Krystal Resorts used deception and fraudulent sales tactics to trick me into signing a contract that I did not fully understand. When I asked specifically for clarification, I was given deliberate misinformation. I fully intend to sue the company for its fraudulent business practices and warn anyone considering purchasing a time-share with Krystal of the dangers of working with this company. Certainly, do not purchase a condominium only to join the ICE Rewards program, however, as you would be far better off with the cheap annual membership than committing to a lifetime membership with time-share strings attached.

  • Kr
      1st of Oct, 2016
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    We have similar story as you. They already took over $7000. We purchased in December 2015 due to they said this is investment opportunity. We found out all thing is scams. There are lies one after one. Latitude 21 is the crook company as Krystal resort. They are together to rob your money. I do not know how to do. Do you have contact information?

  • Te
      10th of Nov, 2016
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    Total scam, Mexico should be ashamed of this, if they want dollars, they need to work for them

  • Ad
      9th of Jul, 2017
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    Krystal Cancun is a scam. They lie and lie until get the deal finished. Later searching on the net I noticed that we're one of many that have been defrauded. Adolfo

  • Xd
      21st of Aug, 2017
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    In April of 2016, my wife and I were duped by Krystal Cancun with their program which sounded too good to be true. It was too good to be true! We were told we purchase 25 weeks for $16000, Latitude 21 in Vegas agreed to sell 5 weeks per year for 5 years for much more than we paid for them. This is actually the part of the sales presentation that made the deal for us. We didn't know it was just BS. Krystal also arranged for our Hawaii timeshare to be traded in so no more maintenance fees and we got a lifetime membership into a travel club called ICE for a one time membership fee (the ICE membership has actually worked out). The Latitude 21 deal fizzled, the $895 fee turned into $2000 and the selling in 90 days+ turned into no sales in the first year and then they wanted ANOTHER FEE per week of $40+, so another $1000+, to renew! (scam) WE QUIT. The timeshare trade-in via VALUE TRADERS aka VACATION WORLD cost us approximately $2, 000 and wasn't finalized 8 months later. We then decided to keep the Hawaii timeshare (they offered that option) instead of continuing. In summation, we paid over $22, 000 for a membership to Krystal Cancun for 25 weeks which we didn't really want and got a lifetime membership into ICE rewards. We still must pay a usage fee of over $800 a week when we use 25 weeks. In short, Stay Clear!!

  • Je
      16th of Oct, 2018
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    OMG!!! This is what my fiancé and I are going thru right now. We don't know what to do. We were on vacation Jan 2017 to Krystal and we got the scam. It sounded so great at the time. We have no money and had to borrow money to just the money up front. To this day we are still paying and every time I call to find out about my shares. Oh we are still working on it! A whole year I have been listening to this. I paid over 2, 000 just to release the shares another of course fee. We don't have this kind of money floating around and don't know what to do. We don't want to default and ruin our credit, as we are desperately trying to rebuild. Does anyone have an answer for us. We need to get out of this...Please

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