I recently went in the self check out at your Troy, MI store. I did so because I had several coupons and I didn't want to gold up
A main check out line because I have experienced problems in the past with Krogers when it comes to couponing. After being overly anylized on every item, Diane appeared frustrated when a bogo coupon would not go through after she tried several times. It was a legitimate coupon. She then told me that "this is not really the place to coupon" and walked away to help someone else. When she got back the idle screen froze and restarted. I was then ushered to another check out. The Manager, Alicia came over and even more so overly anylized all of my coupons and turned down more coupons that were correct just different scents of All detergent that when the new cashier scanned did go through. She then took them off stating she would not honor them. I was told that the rude behavior by Diane would be addressed but that was just not good enough. I liteely spent a hour in this one transaction and needed to get home to get my kids ready for bed.

May 04, 2017

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