Krogernon-availability of weekly sale paper

C Nov 15, 2017

I visited the Canton's Kroger store located at 45540 Michigan Ave Canton, MI on 11/15/17 Wednesday morning at approximately 8:00am. Upon entering the store and needing the weekly sale paper to do my shopping, there was not one current sale paper in the bin. The only paper that was available was the past week's sale paper of which that sale had ended the morning I visited the store. I inquired at the Customer Service Desk to obtain a current paper and they had none in the store at all, thus causing me to not do my shopping. It was at that point I simply turned around and left out of the store an unsatisfied customer. I had passed a Meijers store to shop at a Kroger's store. I could have stopped at Meijers to do my weekly shopping, but I specifically wanted to go to Kroger's because I know they usually have good sales. To bypass a potential shopping trip at Meijers and go to a Kroger's store proved to be futile and simply a waste of time! I just wanted to inform Kroger's to please be mindful in providing the necessary tools, such as the weekly paper by making them available in a timely manner at the store. People's time is valuable and gas to travel out of the way to Kroger's stores are also valuable. In addition, there are times when items that are advertised being on sale, are not available, even on the first day of the sale!! This too is very annoying and also a waste of time to attempt to obtain the item only to be informed that the item isn't in stock, and this is on the FIRST DAY of the sale! Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I hope there would be a resolve to all issues stated.

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