Hello, I am proud to say that I am a dedicated Kroger shopper. I frequent the one in Hebron most often, The staff there is so nice and I say hi to many of them. Stephanie is wonderful, Sandy and Tony are both great!
My complaint comes from an incident I over heard when shopping on Sunday between a manager and an associate. The manager was having a conversation with this associate and I couldn't believe my ears. This manager called this associate an "Idiot"!!
Maybe I'm old fashioned but I am a true believer of professionalism and respect...neither of which this manager possessed. How in the world is it ok for a manager representing a well known company to speak to someone in that manner, let alone on the business floor?? I was applaud, I walked straight over and ask for both of their names. Joe is the "manager" and the young boy he was speaking to was named Brendan. Please tell me, that Kroger does not endorse such behavior!! This boy was so embarrassed that he immediately left the store. I felt it necessary to bring this to your attention rather than expose such behavior to social and other types of media. Joe is NOT a good fit for his current position.

Jun 05, 2018

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