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I came across a lane that was fairly short, so I got in line. I quickly realized it was 15 items or less, and since I had a total of 33 items sold, I proceeded to move to another lane. A Kroger employee, a man that I do not know the name of, was standing at the end of the lanes and told me that it was fine, and to stay in the 15 items or less lane.
When my turn to be checked out arrived, the cashier, with blatant disrespect, tossed the divider behind my line of groceries. I was silent, and began putting my bags into my cart. The cashier, Maddie, said nothing to me while checking me out, not even hello. While bagging the grocieres, Maddie was blatantly tossing things down in a disrespectful manner.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Maumelle, AR
I say my debit card and Kroger card on top of my wallet by the debit machine while I was bagging my grocieres. When promoted to pay, I attempted to hand Maddie my Kroger card. She stated she already entered it; therefore touching my personal belongings without seeking permission prior.
After paying, Maddie handed me my receipt and said something in regards to my fuel points, and then stated, "this is our 15 items or less quick checkout."
While I understand the lane is designated for 15 items or less, the blatant disrespect to a customer for such a reason is absurd. Especially considering I was told to go ahead and stay in the lane by the other associate, when I wouldn't have after realizing it was for 15 items or less.

May 14, 2017

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