Krogerblack friday deal

On Nov. 23rd I went to the Krogers on Winton Rd, in Finneytown, to buy a Crockpot (cook and carry 6 qt) that was supposed to be part of your Black Friday sale. You actually advertised 3 different sizes but I was interested in the 6 qt. You had it on sale for $19.99. I showed up at 7 a.m. hoping to be one of a few that were at krogers that early while everyone else was at Walmart, Sam's or other traditional black Friday stores. I asked an employee if they knew where the Crockpot was that was on sale for black Friday. He stated they were looking for them and it was possible they had sold them all. I asked was he referring to the ones that were to go on sale on the Dec. 23rd. He stated yes. I asked another employee, just to confirm what the other employee said. She also stated the didnt have them. Very disappointed and aggravated I went to the Krogers on Hamilton ave in North College Hill. An employee there at least looked around the store, trying to find the item that was supposed to be on sale. She asked another guy who told us where there were some crockpots were. They too, had just opened and by this time it was 7:30 am. Still did not have what was advertised. This was a digital coupon that was to be downloaded prior to Friday and be redeemed ON fri, I thought. I had to go to 2 kroger's to still not get what was advertised. I did buy the 4 qt crockpot bit I got out of my bed at 6:30am to be there by 7am, someone who rarely gets up that early for anything and I feel like a fool. Again, why wasn't it available if it had been advertised all week! My Kroger customer number is [protected] 0. [protected]
Pamela Johnson


Nov 25, 2018

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