Kotak Mahindra Bank / i'm a kotak employee.. I want to raise a complaint against tl and sme.

The shameless tl's do not know to respect the employees.. I seriously want to take action against it orelse i'm taking this to social media. The sme named arlina bagadia is so rude insults the officer in front of everyone anr top of that knowing that bloody sme is wrong the [censored] tl takes side of the sme. They both have harassed me for not doing sales and insulted in front of everyone. These bloody managers anr sme's can earn extra money only if officers are doing it. Kotak treat it employees like slaves they do not respect anyone very cheap third class services they give to customers and now employees as well. If i'm not getting any response i'm going to take it to social media and ruin kotaks name...#bloodymanager #bloody kotak.

Feb 17, 2019

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