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Kodak / faulty printer

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Raju Gandla (Responding)

Raju Gandla: Welcome to Kodak, my name is Raju Gandla. Please wait while I review your question.
Raju Gandla: I can certainly help you with this I would just like to get some information about your printer before we begin.
Raju Gandla: If you have an incident reference number from a previous contact or from a My Support on-line session, please provide that to me.
bonny etchell: I don't have one as I've just thought it ws out of ink each time and bought so many cartridges now./
bonny etchell: error 3508 is constant
Raju Gandla: Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience this issue has caused you. Rest assured that I do my best to assist you on your concern.
Raju Gandla: May I know is the printer model number ESP 5250?
bonny etchell: yes that is correct
Raju Gandla: I would be happy to assist you with this.Would you like to receive email from us about product news and special offers?
bonny etchell: no
Raju Gandla: Okay. In what month and year was this printer purchased?
bonny etchell: ive spent enough money on cartridges so far
bonny etchell: im very unhappy and want a refund on this printer
bonny etchell: I have some very important work to print off today
Raju Gandla: I apologize for the trouble. However please do not get worried about it as we are here to help you with this.
bonny etchell: I can't remember. some time last year
Raju Gandla: Okay. May I know are you contacting us from United Kingdom or Ireland?
bonny etchell: UK
Raju Gandla: Thank you for all the information.
Raju Gandla: May I know are you using genuine Kodak 10-series ink cartridges for your Printer?
bonny etchell: yes I am... each time. Its been very expensive. Ive thrown away cartridges, it seems, that were full!!
Raju Gandla: Okay. May I know all the troubleshooting steps which you have done before contacting us?
bonny etchell: all of them. Im exasperated with it. downloaded the drivers again, downloaded firmware...
bonny etchell: switched on and off many many times. Ive been here 3 hours already!
bonny etchell: put in another new cartridge yet again!
Raju Gandla: I must appreciate your efforts in troubleshooting the issue before contacting us.
Raju Gandla: Okay.
Raju Gandla: May I know did you make sure that the colour ink cartridge sit firmly in the print head?
bonny etchell: yes
bonny etchell: ive even had the cradle out and cleaned it
Raju Gandla: Okay. Is the ink cartridge a refilled ink cartridge?
bonny etchell: no. its a new one that I bought... a Kodak one. Ive bought 3 of each (colour and black) since I owned it and only ever printed of two documents!!!
Raju Gandla: Okay. May I know did you clean the print head with any liquid or clothe or any non liquid things?
bonny etchell: it is a faulty printer
bonny etchell: no I didn't I just blew on it.
Raju Gandla: Okay. Please always clean the print head from the Maintenance option on the printer and do not try to clean in any other ways. Because the print head get damaged.
bonny etchell: it won't do this! it won't do anything as the error message won't go away
Raju Gandla: Okay.
Raju Gandla: May I know did you check and update the printer firmware?
bonny etchell: I have tried and it is impossible as I can't get the error message to go, therefor the maintenance options and all other options wont work
bonny etchell: yes, I have already said that
Raju Gandla: Okay.
Raju Gandla: Where was this ink purchased?
bonny etchell: Curry's in Sheffield
bonny etchell: where I bought the printer from
Raju Gandla: May I know have you made any prints or been able to perform a printhead cleaning with the ink cartridge installed?
bonny etchell: please understand; I have done all the right things, bought all the right products and looked after this very well. Can we please just get to the technical part and get it fixed sa this is not due to anything I have done. Its cost me soo much money so far
bonny etchell: No it won't do anything at all like I said previously, due to the error message that will not go from the printer screen
Raju Gandla: Thank you so much for your precious time in helping me with all the details.
bonny etchell: I need it to get rid of the error message before it can do anything that makes any senser!
Raju Gandla: I will send you the brand new colour ink cartridge for free of cost as a one time goodwill. Please install it and check the printer for any error.
Raju Gandla: In case if there is any error message, please contact us back immediately for further assistance.
bonny etchell: I have a brand new one here that I have just opened and put in... IT WON'T WORK!
Raju Gandla: Okay.
bonny etchell: there is an error message 3508 and I want help with it. It doesn't make a difference if you send me another cartridge... I have plenty I have bought and they don't work!
bonny etchell: The printer is the issue not the cartridges
Raju Gandla: I agree that you have checked with multiple ink cartridges however the printer still shows the same error. However please install the colour ink cartridge which I am going to send and check the printer.
Raju Gandla: I am sure it will starts working again.
bonny etchell: how. can you assist me please as I have been trying for 3 hours now!
Raju Gandla: We are always just one click away from you to help you further issues with the printer.
Raju Gandla: This is the solution and the best we can do according to this error.
bonny etchell: you are not helping me though. you want me to go away now
bonny etchell: so what is the answer?
bonny etchell: I want a replacement printer please? who do I complain to?
bonny etchell: I'm going to place this conversation on the internet then so that everyone can see how ineffective KODAK are. I'm going to make sure that the world knows how terrible the products are and how bad the service is.
bonny etchell: can you please assist me to fix this error code?!
Raju Gandla: I truly understand from your point of view and I am confident that the colour ink cartridge which I will be sending you should fix all the issues and you would be happy to use the printer again.
bonny etchell: IT WILL NOT.. I've used 3 so far Raju like I've told you. The printer will not work!!! How do I remove the error code? this is what you need to help me with, otr get a manager that can help?
Raju Gandla: If I were you I would have though the same and we have done all the possible troubleshooting steps related to this issue and I have also given you the solution.
bonny etchell: That might make your day easier if I just accept what you are saying, but it makes my day harder as it will not work. This is not good service I#'m afraid. This is very bad service and obvious that Kodak just want to take money and not deal with complaints effectively. Bad practice!
bonny etchell: You have not listened to me at all. So when I put the new cartridge in (which I have done today) and it says the same and I contact you again... then what will you say?? the same probably???
Raju Gandla: I apologize if you take me in a wrong way because always my intention is to help my customers with the proper solution. So that they will not face any more issues further by using our products.
bonny etchell: What is your solution Raju?? I think I missed it
bonny etchell: I amm not aware that you have givenme a solution. Also if you do a google search you will see so many other people have the same problem with this printer.. Why have Kodak not got a solution yet?
Raju Gandla: We will surely accept your feedback to improve our services. Thank you for sharing your precious feedback with us.
bonny etchell: who can I speak to now?
bonny etchell: I want this solving
Raju Gandla: Please give me a few minutes to research the answer. I will be with you shortly.
bonny etchell: Here is one to start with
Raju Gandla: Okay.
Raju Gandla: Thank you for your time and patience.
Raju Gandla: I have checked with my resources.
bonny etchell: Is there a solution
bonny etchell: Also, where can I complain to?
Raju Gandla: The solution is that to install the colour ink which I am sending to you for free of cost as we suspect the ink cartridge which you have bought might be faulty.
bonny etchell: I have bought 3! and 3 black one! and they are not faulty... Didi you actually check anything?? can you tell me where you checked please so that I can read this too
Raju Gandla: I have been honestly giving you all the details. I am sorry to say that we can not replace the printer according to this issue.
Raju Gandla: This is the last point of contact.
bonny etchell: What do I need to do to get some service here? Do I need to contact Antonio M. Perez will he know how to fix his faulty printers?
bonny etchell: This is not the last point of contact. If it is then I'm going to make it my project to find who is next in line and contact them.. including going to the press so that everyone can know not top buy anything from Kodak.
bonny etchell: are you telling me that the solution to a faulty printer is for Kodak to have a policy of just sending out a cartridge?! It might keep some people happy who don't know better and it seems that Kodak are relying on that, but not me Raju. I want better service than that please. Please tell me how to remove the error code/
Raju Gandla: I truly understand from your point of view. I apologize for the trouble.
Raju Gandla: We are suspecting the ink cartridge which you bought might be faulty series. In order check this we would like to send you the colour ink cartridge for free of cost.
bonny etchell: seems I can email him directly with the transcript of our conversation
Raju Gandla: And we are also saying that in case if it does not fix the issue. Please contact us back.
Raju Gandla: We are ready and glad to help you further also with this issue and I will give you the reference number for this interaction.
bonny etchell: Look Raju, I have bought 3 lots of ink over a few months. They will not all be from the same batch. Your cartridge will not help and YOU KNOW IT WONT. I want you to remove the error message. or find someone who can do this
Raju Gandla: I personally escalate this case to my higher level as you are not satisfied with the solution for this issue.
bonny etchell: ok, I just bought another one from another store. Just now. My husband has brought it in. Just put it in
bonny etchell: its not working, same message. Can you assist now please
Raju Gandla: I have done my best in this regards and I would like to personally escalate this case to my higher level as you are not satisfied with the solution for this issue.
Raju Gandla: They will review all the case details and get back to you with in one or two business days.
Raju Gandla: May I know your contact number for further communication with you about this?
bonny etchell: [protected] (uk)
bonny etchell: not good enough though really. I need the printer today!
bonny etchell: [protected] is my mobile number. Someone can call me now
Raju Gandla: I do understand the need of the printer for you. I am sorry for this. I have given the solution and also checked with my resources and they said the same.
Raju Gandla: However at the end you should be satisfied with the solution for this issue.
bonny etchell: I guess I just email them all with this
Raju Gandla: So I will be escalating from my end to contact you regarding this.
Raju Gandla: May I please have the Kodak Service Number for your printer? You can find this number by opening the printer access door like you are going to change the ink cartridges. This number will be located on the left hand side.
bonny etchell: 1343058 but I need help today.. This is not very good at all
Raju Gandla: I wish I could have done this however there is a stand procedure which we need to follow and I am sure they will contact you with in one or two business days.
Raju Gandla: May I know the 20 digit serial number of your printer? This number can be located underneath the printer. It starts with CN.
bonny etchell: well, I want a new printer... I have enough cartridges to last me a lifetime ina printer that would work! Whatr a total waste of good money Kodak is. I hope they pay you well, as they are making enough money from consumers buying faulty products from them!!! Not satisfied at all and will never buy Kodak again.
bonny etchell: cn1k620572254aaL1135
Raju Gandla: I may not give you any kind of assurance as the issue is being escalated. I am sorry. Thank you for all the details.
Raju Gandla: I deeply apologize for all the inconvenience which this issue caused to you. But please do not get worried about this.

Raju Gandla: Each and every problem has its own solution but it needs little time and patience.
Raju Gandla: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
Raju Gandla: I have not received a response from you in the last 3 minutes. I would like the opportunity to continue our dialog and resolve your issue. Please respond soon or this discussion will end.
bonny etchell: I am worried whether you tell me to or not. I needed to print some very important documents off today. It's sunday and there is nowhere else I can print this! So how can I not worry?? I don't really appreciate being patronised either. Kodaks customer service training must teach people how to patronise their clients with simplistic and robotic answers. It's unprofessional and helping to continue the scam of selling faulty equipment.

Feb 24, 2013
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    have the same problem . will never buy Kodak again

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