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Complaints & Reviews

Misleading; consumes color ink when printing B&W

I purchased a Kodak 3250 printer three months ago. It starts up very slowly, and the scan start-up is slow, but accepted that this printer was not as responsive as other printers I have own.

Overall, I expected a higher quality product from Kodak, given my past experience with Kodak products. I grew up in a household with dozens of Kodak products since my father was a professional photographer for over 35 years. In my opinion this printer does not live up to the Kodak name and reputation.

I primarily use my printer to print black and white Word documents with black text. I noticed the color ink level was going down slowly and didn’t understand why. Today, my printer stopped printing because the color ink cartridge is empty. I feel a printer should be able to print using just the black ink cartridge, especially when printing B&W text documents.

I feel forced to purchase color ink I don’t use nor want to use. I saw nothing on the package or in the advertising warns consumers of the need to have a full color ink cartridge to accommodate black and white printing.

From what I could make out from the Customer Service representative’s explanation, the 3250 All-In-One printer design requires consuming color ink to print black.

I have used different brands of printers in the past (Dell, Epson, Hewlett Packard among others) and have always been able to print with just the black cartridge installed. Is there some way to use this printer using black ink only without consuming color ink when printing black only?

Nowhere on the package or the instructions or marketing materials did I see that one must use a color cartridge to print black. To me, this is very deceptive.

To me, it’s a consumer rip-off. Kodak touts buying its printer to lower ink costs, and then maintains that unsuspecting consumers must purchase color ink cartridges to operate the black and white function on the printer. I don’t see the savings when I was able to print using only black ink cartridge on other printers even without having the color ink cartridge installed.

I find all your marketing materials and advertising misleading when there is no mention that the black printing consumers color ink.

ink/power button

I bought a Kodak printer March 2008. I have had nothing but problems from the start. Power button doesn't turn the printer on with one push. Have to keep pushing and pray that it turns on. The ink had also been a problem. Can put in a brand new cartridge and it prints as if its running out of ink. I swear that I've replaced cartridges that still have plenty of ink. I have to remove them and bang them on something.

Bad customer service

I (sadly) bought 3 Kodak M863 cameras as gifts for family members. All 3 cameras had the same problem. The lens will not open and camera shuts off. First 2 were repaired under warrany. The third is now a few weeks past warranty. Clearly, this is a design flaw in the camera. Kodak's Third World customer service says they are sorry and reads from a script.

I received an e mail last week from a "supervisor" that promised a resolution latter the same day. He must have lost my e mail address.

Kodak really needs to consider renaming their so-called customer service department to something more descriptive. Maybe "customer ignoring" department.

  • Al
    Al57 Apr 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought an all in one printer that recently stopped functioning well, and contacted the company;no t even claiming a warranty, asking them to show me a place to fix my machine. No repair places in the USA an no sending them the faulty equipment. I was referred to a phony 800 number that disconnects you, and to two sites that only give you the run around. To Hell with Kodak, I'll take the loss!

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Holiday memories lost forever

I took 3 of my films of our holiday in Namaqualand to be developed and printed at Kodak at the West Coast Village. I got back photos that looked like it was processed in the early 1960's. I took it to a specialist to see if he can do something about it to save my memories of the beautiful flowers in Namaqualand blooming ONLY ONCE A YEAR AND YOU HAVE TO BOOK A YEAR IN ADVANCE TO GET ACCOMODATION. The specialist said that 1. they forgot to put yellow toner in the printer 2. they have not cleaned the machine in quite a while and that is what messed up our negatives.

Kodak's service is TERRIBLE. I have an excellent Canon camera but I am on my way to buy digital. Kodak is definitely NOT going to see me for printing my photos or any support from me ever again.

kodak easy share

Here is a recent chat session I had with Kodak Technical support agent, concerning a kodak digital camera with a share button that, according to the technical support agent has no functional use.

buhler (11:07:55 AM): When I push the share button and then choose email I get a message that I have no address book and have to connect to my PC. When I do connect it doesn't import my address book.(11:07:55 AM)[All of our specialists are assisting other customers. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience. Please continue to hold and your chat will be answered by the next available specialist.](11:17:49 AM)[You are now chatting with Aurelio A .]Aurelio A (11:17:57 AM): Welcome to Kodak, my name is Aurelio. Please wait while I review your question.
Aurelio A (11:18:27 AM): I will be happy to assist you with your concern. Kindly provide me with the model of the camera as well as the serial number.
buhler (11:24:23 AM): It is a
buhler (11:24:29 AM): c813
buhler (11:24:53 AM): I have tried calling technical support about 12 times and the calls keep dropping
Aurelio A (11:24:53 AM): Thank you. The serial number is at the bottom of the camera and it starts with "K" followed by four letters and eight numbers.
Aurelio A (11:25:05 AM): Sorry about that.
buhler (11:25:10 AM): I think you guys have a terrible phone service
buhler (11:25:46 AM): kcghr82428262
Aurelio A (11:26:11 AM): Thank you. Do you have Kodak EasyShare software installed?
buhler (11:26:20 AM): yes, version 8.2
Aurelio A (11:27:43 AM): Thank you. What is your operating system? Are you using Windows XP or Windows Vista?
buhler (11:28:30 AM): windows 7
Aurelio A (11:30:00 AM): Thank you. Please allow me to gather some data. Now please click on Start, then select Control Panel, then open System icon and please provide me the following information: Brand of your computer, Service Pack, Processor’s speed (GHz), Processor’s name (Intel Pentium, AMD, etc), and the amount of RAM.
buhler (11:31:56 AM): I built my own computer. It has 8 gigs of ram and a 3.2 G hrzt intel processor
buhler (11:32:07 AM): Can we please get to the issue here.
buhler (11:32:14 AM): My system is not the problem
buhler (11:32:29 AM): I need help with your software
Aurelio A (11:34:17 AM): Okay. We need this information for documentation purposes and to help you resolve your issue.
Aurelio A (11:35:21 AM): Please open Kodak EasyShare software and click on email on the left part of teh screen.
Aurelio A (11:35:26 AM): *the
buhler (11:36:18 AM): ok, I did
Aurelio A (11:39:37 AM): Please click on tools and click address book.
buhler (11:40:15 AM): yes, I have a bunch of addresses that I imported.
Aurelio A (11:41:38 AM): Pushing the share button on the camera will not allow you to email immediately. You have to send the email through Kodak EasyShare software .
buhler (11:43:58 AM): but when I push the share button and then the email option, it says I, there is no address book and I need to connect to the pc to import address book
buhler (11:44:41 AM): when I do connect to the pc it doesnt import my address book from the software
Aurelio A (11:47:25 AM): Okay. You need to enter the email addresses manually into the Kodak EasyShare software and they will not be automatically imported from camera to Kodak EasyShare software.
buhler (11:49:01 AM): I did enter the email addresses into thekodak easy share software. The email addresses are already in the kodak software.
buhler (11:49:40 AM): Tell me this. what is the point of having a share button on the camera?
buhler (11:50:14 AM): Tell me this. Why is it when you push the share button, that an option for emailcomes up?
buhler (11:51:14 AM): Tell me this. Why is it when you push the email option that a message somes up, that there is no address book and that I have to connect the camera to my PC in order to import my addresses?
buhler (11:51:34 AM): If you cant help me with this. Let me talk yo your supervisor
Aurelio A (11:51:58 AM): Easyshare button is used for emailing, tagging and uploading your pictures. To be able to do all of these, you need to transfer them to Kodak EasyShare software.
Aurelio A (11:52:54 AM): You would need to connect the camera to your computer to be able to import your address book.
buhler (11:53:58 AM): Ok, so when I do connect the camera, to import my address book, it doesnt do it
buhler (11:54:21 AM): This is why I am contacting you
Aurelio A (11:57:03 AM): You would need to manually enter the address book into Kodak EasyShare software. It will not be automatically imported to Kodak EasyShare software even if the camera is not connected.
buhler (11:58:41 AM): I have already told you. I have already entered my email addresses manually in the kodak easy share software. That is not the issue
Aurelio A (11:59:56 AM): Okay. Let us try to send an email.
Aurelio A (12:00:14 PM): Please drag a picture to your picture tray and click on email.
buhler (12:00:42 PM): Using the software?
Aurelio A (12:01:19 PM): Yes, please.
buhler (12:01:32 PM): Ok, I think I am seeing what the problem is.
buhler (12:01:47 PM): Your commercial on T.V. are misleading
buhler (12:02:22 PM): What is the point of having a share button, please explain. What is the share button on the camera meant to do?
buhler (12:03:06 PM): If I push the share button on the camera, what is its purpose?
Aurelio A (12:03:11 PM): The share button and teh automatic upload and import is only applicable to 2010 cameras.
Aurelio A (12:03:46 PM): Share button on our earlier version cameras will work if you transfer pictures to Kodak EasyShare software.
buhler (12:05:09 PM): This is a new camera. So you are telling me that I bought a camera with a share button, that has you use to me? It has no practical functional use, other than that is is red and shiney?
buhler (12:06:08 PM): So how do I get the share button to work? Uninstall the easy share software?
Aurelio A (12:07:00 PM): You do not need to uninstall Kodak EasyShare software. You need it to share pictures.
buhler (12:09:02 PM): I have another digital camera, I dont need any special software to share those pictures. I download the pictures to my pc and then email them. the reason I bought this camera, is that it has a share button which is supposed to allow me to share pictures with a push of a button according to you tv adds.
buhler (12:10:17 PM): I am saving this whole chat log and sending it to kodaks coorperate office to show them that they are advertising and selling a product which doesnt do what it is supposed to do.
buhler (12:10:42 PM): Either that or the tech support team doesnt know how to support their own product.
Aurelio A (12:10:49 PM): The Kodak EasyShare software is a software that will help you manage pictures. You can resize, edit and enhance them.
buhler (12:11:13 PM): I can do that with a hundred other software programs.
buhler (12:11:22 PM): That is not why I bought this camera.
Aurelio A (12:11:46 PM): We have the newer cameras that has the Share Button application and it has a more easier process to upload to networking sites.
buhler (12:12:38 PM): If the share button does not work on this camera, why is it even on the camera?
buhler (12:15:01 PM): I will be returning the camera, getting a refund and buying a panasonic camera, one without a share button which does not work, except to confuse me and waist my time with technical support.


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Printer Cartridge - Fradulant Advertising

After seeing commercials for the Kodak ESP-3 printer in the fall of 2009 I checked the ink costs and...

Faulty Camera

First of all I would like to mention to you that the way you argue is a defensive stance to proof me incorrect as valued customer.
If you don’t consider me a valued customer (as I only bought Kodak products the last 6 years 3 cameras and a printer and Kodak paper every once in a while) then its fine that I will change my brand option in the future to another supplier that’s more customer orientated thanks to you.

The matter of the fact is the camera which I paid allot of money for, which the biggest part of the costs is build in to serve the customer especially in the case of product which is faulty after one month of
use. Kodak as a international supplier with a advance supply chain designed to add value to the customer, which I’m not getting. Instead a snotty email just pissing me off.

In your letter you state that you told me the guarantee was discontinued, I’m sorry but you never mentioned this to me.. Its less than 2 years.
If you persist that I’m a liar it will just add fuel to my future purchases with Kodak. The problem is I bought the dam camera and it did not work after one month, which is clearly a power failure and of no fault of myself. When I try to return the camera as I am studying my MBA is Sweden I was told that only the shop where I bought it can repair or exchange it. Im sorry but Kodak is international and I excepted the terms and waited for one day that I will return on holiday to SA. I explained to you my problem and you told me you will contact me which you never did.
Then when I returned after holiday still nothing. Now suddenly you come up with a different story.

If I bouaght a product from Samsung the can help me anywhere in the world atleast where they have a branch. People are traveling and people buy things on there holiday don’t you think those people deserve support when the pay so much money for a brand?

I’m am just surprised in how unprofessional you deal with this situation just to safe Kodak a request to make use of a already in place supply chain to correct a problem in the manufacturing side.

I might be one very unhappy client today, but be sure that If this is not dealt with in the correct way that witch I deserve as a client, I just want a camera that works then I will never use this brand ever again in my life.

I would like you to please pass this on to your superior, so hopefully you can deal with clents better in the future.
I will forward this email to complaints Kodak South Africa, to ask them if this is how clients must be handled.

It seems like im not the only one thinking this:

Thank you so much

Pierre Erasmus

  • Ra
    ramesh kumar b.s Dec 01, 2009

    dear sir,

    i applying for kodak camera Rs.5280 but i already comform the order from your person.I pay with Credit card Rs. 3198 on 27.11.09 but their r not tel that your order for reebok itmes.i don't want anything just returned my amount.

    as i tell you with credit card.PLEASE RETURNED MY AMOUNT Rs.3198/-

    if its not possible i take a action agst with living media india ltd.


    ramesh kumar b.s
    BANGLAORE - 560079
    MOBILE - 9945085084

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  • Li
    liqiang Mar 29, 2011

    I have purchased this Kodak Easyshare z980 comera August 2009. I used it once in Sept. after that during the Christmas 2009, I found that camera took long time (10-15sec) process a picture before you can take another one. I thought that was setting problem, finally in June 2010 I called their tech support, the guys gave me a case# and asked me call back when I have a camera on hands. I didn't follow up till recently, I called them, they determined that is problem with camera, but warranty is out, I have to pay for the repair even they knew the problem happened during the warranty period.

    The customer service was very bad, people has very limit knowladge of the camera, but they are very strick on their warranty policy, they told me that the best they can do is that I can buy another Kodak product on line for 25% off..

    I understand that all electronic products could have problem, but none of them has such a poor service as Kodak has,


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  • Ka
    kathrynasaynor Aug 07, 2013

    I also have had x 2 kodak easyshare cameras and one dischrges battery even when not in use ( x 2 new lithium batteries tried ) the other would boot up and then unexpectedly turn off. This particular camera used on visit to UK, mant shots taken...none saved on card. No photos whatsoever from this camera. Card used previously without issue---and yes, still plenty of memory.

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design flaw

I have a Kodak Easy Share Z1285 digital camera that the lens is stuck in the extended position. Also the unit will turn on and immediately turn back off. I have tried new batteries that aree compatible with the unit according to Kodak's own guide lines. I have found several other website where people complain of the same type of malfunctions with their Kodak Easy Share Z1285 cameras. I believe this to be a design flaw that Kodak is unwilling to rectify unless unit is under warranty. My camera is out of warranty yet has only been used around 20 times at the most. It has never been dropped or had any liquid spilled on it, yet it still is broken.

  • Gi
    gigs Jan 23, 2010

    have the same problem

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  • Me
    Meda Jan 31, 2010

    Seems to be a common problem of this easyshare camera, I have the same problem and I don't know what to do...

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  • Os
    Oscar E. May 12, 2010

    I'm having the same problem...any solutions...?

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Kodak Printer DO NOT WORK!

DO NOT buy ANY printer from KODAK. Their scam of stating cheap ink as a reason for buying their inferior...

employee completely ignores me

I went to get some photos printed at the cvs Kodak photo kiosk and I guess there was something wrong with...

not recived

From: paresh paleja [mailto:[protected]@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, October 12, 2009 10:05 PM
To: [protected]@indiatodaybookclub.com; response (ITBC)
Subject: We have paid by Credit card, as per talk with Mr. Vinod Rs.5, 748/=

We have paid by Credit card, as per talk with Mr. Vinod Rs.5, 748/=
Refer your [protected] dt 3rd October 2009, towards purchase for KODAK Digital Camera.and it was confirmed that Free Air Ticket will be given for Trip to GOA from 23rd to 25th October with Hotel Booking for 2dasy and 3 night's.this was confirmed by your Mr. Vinod on Phonebut still today we have not received
Camera, even not any Receipts or any confirmation for our tour to GOA why so late ? How we can be ready on 23rd
Please send us Receipt for Payments I made
and all otehr confirmed things by you.
Mr Vinod has asked us our family detail for Ticket and Hotel Bookings
is as follows :-
1) Mr Paresh B paleja date of Birth 18/05/1959
2) Miss Radhika P Paleja date of Birth 10/01/1991
3) Master karnna P. paleja date of Birth 24/01/1994
Please send all details at the earliest
we feel doubt
are you sure
have you received our payment ??
we feel we are cheated by you or what ???
Please reply soon
otherwise I will have to take Legal action again LIVE MEDIA INDIA LTD.
On the trust of name TO Day India
we have send this payment
so be care full we will take TODAY INDIA BOOK CLUB WITH ALL CONCERN OFFICE TO THE COURT OF LOW IF Find any fraud with us
Deep Regrets
Paresh Paleja
501, Kapoor Apartment
Punjabi Lane
Borivali West
Mumbai - 400 092

Failure to work

I went to the KODAK webchat and begin chatting with ammabell r. I informed her that my camera Kodak easyshare C653 was not working that a blue screen kept appearing saying that my memory card was locked so of course in the begining I assumed it was the memory card so I bought several different memory cards and to no avail the camera still has the same blue screen that says memory card is locked as I am telling her about this she asked me when was it purchase I tell her july 29 2007 same days as the original memory card ... She goes on to inform me that it is past the warranty and that a flate rate fixing fee will apply if I send it in to be fixed ... There is a internal problem with the camera and I honestly feel like the folks at KODAK just do not care about the problem they are costantly looking for new customers and more money but are willing to keep the ones they have satisfied .. They are not showing any effort to correct the problem and only thing she advised is re formatting the memory card and I explained to her that I cant get past the blue screen.. I can not afford to buy a new camera and I have been a loyal customer to Kodak for the past 9 years I was buying only there products cause I felt as if they were the best I no longer will be purchasing anything from KODAK and I hope they lose more customers from there disrespect to there customers and not taking our concerns serious enough to try and compensate for there BAD PRODUCTS.

  • Ri
    Rich Apr 14, 2009

    I have Easy Share on my computer and can't get rid of it. It experienced a problem installing and you can't unistall it until it is completely installed. Installed there "Clear Utility Program to delete Easy Share. It doesn't work either. Now I have two Kodak Programs that don't work. Customer Support is non existant. Run as far away from Kodak as possible.

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  • Ch
    chuck_a Nov 01, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too had problems with Kodak's easy share software on my computer. I was successful in removing and re-installing the software, but when I did, it started re-writing values in my computer's registry. After I reformatted my computer I went out and bought a new Canon Power shot camera. I will never use Kodak again. They don't manufacture or support cameras any more. Kodak only maufactures printers

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Bad customer service

On Sunday 1st March 2009 at about 3.30pm, we brought our son to Kodak express at HDB toa payoh central(address: BLK 500 TOA PAYOH LORONG 6, #01-30 HDB CENTRE) for a passport photo shot.
The staff told my 2 yr old son to sit on a pile of cartridges, as there was no available stool at their store. When my son refused, they suggested asking my husband to hand carry him. The photos were taken and when developed out, we realised that it was taken very badly as my son body was tilted halfway.My husband demanded an explanation from the staff, however all we got was a silent respond and the staff was pulling a long face and muttering to herself. She didnt even apologise and walked away.
The supervisor stepped up and told my husband taking toddlers photo is diffcult and told us to accept the shots.
My husband explained to him that we need the photos to make a passport and its definetly not gg to be accepted by the Singapore Immgration.He requested the photos to be retake again.
The supervisor straight away went to the cash register and returned to him the $6 and told my husband that he is not interested in doing our business.
I hope to get a respond from Singapore Head Office and demand an explanation and from them

Pls get them to call me at [protected]/[protected]

  • Ko
    konradsen Mar 01, 2009

    check thisd site out at http;//plrwholesaler.com/download/clk.php?pid=2&a=52261

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  • Su
    Sudhir_1353 Jul 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had also similar kind of experience... which is as follows,
    On 10th Jully 2010, I went to Kodak Photo Shopee located at Shop No:13, Patang Plaza Phase-1, Opp. Last Bus Stop, Bharati Visyapith, Pune-46 to get my Photo Image(JPGE- digital image file). Which is required to me to upload on my NET account so need it of high quality(...high resolution).
    As per request the Shopkeeper had took my photo. After adding border and some shading corrections(editing), he had give me JPGE file on my Pen Drive.

    I opened the file on my machine and I found that the file is of only 600-900 dimensions(Poor resolution) and 63.3 kb in size(Obviously it got blurt when I uploaded on NET).
    I aging contacted to Shopkeeper 3 times next day but at the end he told me that your machine software might have problem(Not co-ordinated).

    My Observation: The shopkeeper might fear that the customer will again use only image file to print several copies, so he had given me low quality image.

    I paid Rs75/- to get one image file and I get simple image file. I find my self like I have been robbed.

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  • Vr
    vrsree Jul 15, 2010

    This is to share my bad experience with Kodak Express. I went to take
    some passport size photographs at kodak express (Millinium digital
    color lab, sec 25, seawoods, nerul, navi mumbai
    ). I have given 150 Rs for 24 photograhs.

    As i am going some other places and may need the copies of the same
    photographs, I requested them to provide me the digital files of the
    photographs.. They asked me to give 60 Rs ( 20 per per file) to just
    copy the files into a pendrive..

    I feel very bad.. This is not about 60 Rupees. This is because how
    they acted. This is an example, how
    franchise of even reputed brands can act unehically. And how irresponsible is their franshise selection!!
    I didnt paid them 60 rupees, insted, i preferd to get photographed in some other
    place where the kodak sign doesnt exists.

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Beware of them

Kodak Estore was unaccommodating regarding a dead battery they sold.

Their excuse? I had the battery just a couple of days over the 30 day exchange time.

The Kodak Estore would not consider the time that it took for my order to come to me which was over a week.

I stupidly thought that the battery was a slow charger, but it wouldn't charge at all. Now I am out the money. Please be aware that customer service at Kodak Estore is very unaccommodating and rigid with their 30 day return policy.

A good store would just send a good new item and let you discard or send back the item in question.

Beware of Kodak Estore.

Consumer fraud

Consumers beware, do not buy kodak products, especially a g610 easy share printer dock. I went through four...

Repairs, refunds, replacements

I bought a kodak camera in New Zealand. It broke. I returned it to the business I bought it from, they sent...