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Kmart / taking money from bank acct without authorization

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I ordered a couple things online from K mart and now all of a sudden $12.97 was withheld from my checking account from the above named website. I paid shipping fees when I purchased the items online. This is the only way they could have got my debit card number. My debit card will be cancelled tomorrow so they won't be able to do this again next month which from what I have been reading on all the complaints this place is getting. Someone needs to do something about this place. The only information I have is the name of the website that took the money from my account. It is a pending transaction scheduled to be withheld 8/10/15. Hopefully I can get my bank to not pay it.

Aug 9, 2015
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  • Br
      7th of Jun, 2016
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    K-mart - lay-a-way
    United States

    Me and My husband are both in school so money was tight this month. We decided to put christmas items for our four children on lay-a-way so i could make payments with my part time job. The closest k-mart is 1 hour away and the only one we could get to babysit was grandma who is 4 hours away so we went shopping the day after thanksgiving to hit all the sales and we ended up getting everything at k-mart. Two days before christmas my husband and I and two of our smallest of 4 drove up to get our things, the kids and i stayed in the car so they wouldnt know what we were up to.After about 30 min my husband comes out and says "they lost all our things" i couldnt beleive my ears its two days before christmas and we have nothing so i went in hoping they could find it, not to mention its 8pm and we have 2 sleepy kids ages 3 and 4.After about 3 hours of getting a refund and reshopping with our kids i was in tears trying to find out a way to explain the toys to my kids and trying to sneak them out while my husband kept there "attention". couple of days later i called to complain and they never called me back!! I dont think i will ever shop there again!!!

  • Sl
      7th of Jun, 2016
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    K-mart - Pharmacy gift cards
    K-mart Pharmacy
    United States

    I had prescriptions on file at another pharmacy but decided to have them called in to K-mart this time to advantage of the $25.00 gift cards being offerred. When I got there I found out that since I had them called into K-mart instead of the other Pharmacy I was ineligeble for the gift cards. Dumbfounded I said so your telling me I should have had these prescriptions called into the other pharmacy first then call here and ask to have the prescriptions transferred? What sense does that make since I already had the prescriptions filled prior at other pharmacy??? This was a transfer of prescriptions in all sense of the word transfer...

  • Tr
      7th of Jun, 2016
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    K-mart - They Are steeling form YoU!
    United States

    The True face of entire Organization (K-mart) is finally revealed... We all know that K-mart is going out of business and the should... I say WHY ME! As a honest associate I worked at k-mart for years... I have worked hard and honestly... But they do not care how hard you worked or how honest you are... They will make stuff up if they have too... few days ago Security stopped a young girl at the door when the door did not even beep... They checked her did not find any thing but to keep their jobs they had to do something so They took her to the Security office and filed that she stole so many items when I know that The items that they accused her for steeling they were in security office prior to the girl even entered the store... She could not speak very good English so they took the best advantage of that... I wanted to help her but I could not... I was going through very tough times and I did not want to lose my job... Today I have quit the job but I feel bad for that girl and ashamed at my self for not helping her... To the girl I do not even know your name but I am truly sorry what happened...But I know that the girl said WHY ME!
    For You I advice that never accept anything that you have never done. No matter what they say or Do...
    Lets all say GO TO HELL K-MART!!!

  • Hu
      15th of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    You misunderstood. You speak as if you do not realize retailers have rights similar to your own and every retailer has a check authorization system that is " certegy" or similar to it. " Certegy's" only concern was the protection of the retailer being kmart at that point in time. This complaint could have been for target or walmart just the same. Before you attempt to tarnish the reputation of a company or corporation you should be more understanding. And realize that your information is worldwide when you put it in electronic sources such as banking institutions. If you do not want your money to be anybody's business then carry cash that is not FDIC insured. You lose a card, you get the card and any money stolen from that card back eventually. You lose cash. it's lost. There is a price for convenience. This was an atrocious complaint on your part. People staring at you like you were " a criminal"? In court, they would ask how in the world you came to that conclusion of the state of mind of a several people since currently determining the state of mind of a person cannot be concretely determined even by a licensed professional. There should be votes to remove complaints like these. - Insurance Agent

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